HOLD_five minute friday


We can’t hold much.

Not really.

All this striving and getting and protecting and longing…

I just keep thinking of that line you hear in movies when there is a solemn funeral scene { I don’t think I have ever heard it myself from a pastor}

“ashes to ashes…dust to dust”

Papery smudges that leave a mess on the floor.

We so,so want the


Want the


the measurable.

When we ourselves, our children, our God are in actuality:


The un-concrete



“Hold on”

I seem to hear,

“To that which can’t be held”



steady thoughts

willful contentment

a light hearted disposition.

“and you shall posses treasures in heaven where the moth and rust shall not corrupt, nor thieves break in”

Book of Matthew. Sermon on the mount. Words of Christ.


Its Friday.

{happy dance}

Linking up with Kate for another exciting installment of Five Minute Friday…coming to a computer near you.



7 thoughts on “HOLD_five minute friday

  1. Your piece is going to stick with me today. I have been reflecting on my mother’s cremation 2 years ago and her ashes. Those little bits of her that still remain are trapped in an urn. Does it matter what I do with those pieces of earth? Does it honor her more to hold them in an urn? Is that holding on to her or holding onto dust. Thank you for writing today.


  2. Hey Leah! How are you? I love how you point this out. I don’t think I’ve every really thought about this, but you’re right. The things we’re exhorted to hold on to are intangible, and yet we’re always trying to hold on to the tangible. Sometimes I’m not sure how to make that shift in my brain…but I guess the Lord does it in us when we turn to Him. Anyway, I like your series so far, too. Keep sharing friend. I’ll email soon – it helps to say it so I’ll actually do it:) This has been a busy school year so far and I had really hoped for a slower one…but again, I’ll email you. We need to catch up. Love you, friend!


    • Catching up with friends…what’s that? My life has become one task, to one task, to one task…till bed. I have been staying up to like midnight lately reading because I have no time during the day to put my feet up and relax, and it feels good to do something that is “down time”. But I pay for it in the morning. This series I am writing came out of nowhere at such an impractical time…but I am trying to commit to Thursdays afternoons while my big girls are at my mil’s doing Science and Art. Its been really interesting what The Lord is bringing out from my recalling and writing.
      This is turning into an email…I do that!


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