READY_five minute friday


Ready for what?

I knew something had to change.

The track I was on:

trying harder not to do things and say things that made me feel crippling guilt

made my husband nervous to come home to see what kind of Leah, what kind of house, he would come home to

made my girls nervous in that “I am watching you out of the corner of my eye to see which mommy you will be this time” way

made the power of prayer and victory in Christ seem like a made up fairly tale told by well meaning but completely out of touch Sunday School teachers

But I knew Christ was real.

I knew I loved my family.

I knew the place I was going, was not supposed to be part of my story.

I was ready to do anything!

And “anything” from an outsider’s point of view; were they to peer in with x-ray glasses and a pen and paper to jot down notes, appeared to be several tangible, practical things:

going on medication

writing a list of gratitudes every day

eating better

speaking out loud my frustrations at stressful tense times less

apologizes quicker

But really, that was not, at the root, what “the friend”, “the comforter” the one Christ prophesied as being “greater than I”  asked me to be ready for:

was I ready to listen?

was I ready to obey?

was I ready to forget all those ideas and ideals of what I, what society, what the church, thought “ought to be” and trust the next step for me?

Are you ready?


Linking up with Kate on this Five Minute Friday.

Today’s post with Kate also falls naturally in line with part of a series, that for some reason, that completely defies survival logic, I started to write here, all while homeschool and working and volunteering: Slices Abroad {my series about my getting over myself}

Post 1 of my Many Slices Abroad series is here.

And yes, you figured it out, I am riding on the coattails of the 5minfri popular blog to promote myself: something I get annoyed at when others do.

But the timing and the prompts completely fell in line with what had been swirling around in my head, so despite my hesitation, I posted and linked away. And here we are.



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