WHISPER_five minute friday


It’s a paradox:

How it is The Whisper-

not even spoken, more like stirred in the heart like concentric circles on still waters, ebbing further out and out till the slight ripples quietly disrupt another shore,

that achieve long-lasting results.

More than loud mouth guilt,

wagging tongues of ill news,

or my self-talk of pitched plans to improve myself.

Or course it takes “the waters” being quiet in first place to notice the ripples;

otherwise it can easily be overlooked, purposely duped, or stubbornly denied as just a flutter of wind, a slash of something inconsequential, an unsavory surface of some rotten fish or slimy lake weed.

But my stubborn adherence to stillness {not all stubbornness is bad}


day after busy day, week after tiring week, year after speedy year,

has produced not a glittering resume,

spectacular achieving children I can brag about on facebook,

a magazine cover house,

or fat checking account.

It has produced “those who have ears to hear” and “eyes to see”.

To hear “the joyful sound”

and see “the least”.

I was not even planning to blog today,or much at all for quite the while. Homeschooling started Wednesday and I am working now too.

I simply wanted to remove my “sticky” post that sits used to sit atop of this blog that linked to my homeschool blog.

I never post about homeschooling. There are so many out there with practical advise, and quite frankly I really don’t even consider myself a traditional follower of home schooling.  Our story in homeschooling is nothing more than a step onto swirling, dangerous, foolish waters in response to a whisper…

just for a season.

So a blog all about homeschooling seemed superfluous.

This removing of my “slice of homeschool” blog, got my mind going and my finger typing and before I knew it, I was setting up, not another blog, but deciding to do for the first time a series on my blog. All about, as it turns out so “coincidentally”, about hearing that whisper a few years ago that asked the question what if Jesus is really going to do what He said He would do in Matthew 25?

Am I, and much of the Western Church, in Christ’s eyes, a bunch a goats when we are called to be sheep?

It’s called: Slices Abroad.

The posts will probably not be at all methodical or regular.

Linking up today for another installment of Kate’s  Five Minute Friday.



3 thoughts on “WHISPER_five minute friday

  1. Well, so glad you did blog today. When I saw we have the same name, I had to stop in and introduce myself. a ‘stubborn adherence to stillness’ is something I would do well to cultivate. Thanks for the prompt. Yours is not the first urging in that direction I have read today in the posts from FMF. Perhaps God is trying to tell me something, eh? Blessings to you.


  2. This is very cool news Leah. Slices Abroad. I love it. I’m praying about starting my own online recovery support group. Doing the research. Figuring stuff out. God is whispering to me too.


  3. “It has produced ‘those who have ears to hear’ and ‘eyes to see’.To hear ‘the joyful sound’ and see ‘the least.'” In the end, this is the heart of it all. So thankful to have come across your blog through FMF and for God’s not-so-subtle nudges to my heart through it.


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