When it rains in August


Living in the Northeast, sandwiched between the Great Lakes to the west, and the Atlantic to the east, we see our fair share of gloomy, gray, dank, days.

And I love to be outside so normally I complain, often.

But today is was gray and the rain that broke open in gushing buckets from the black sky last night, continues to saturate my parched garden, fill our new pool to the brim, is turning my front lawn that needs to be mowed greener and taller.

It also forced us inside.

Mama decreed suddenly and without warning {the way I love to do} that this week would be “screen free” for the girls.

Last week I went back to work part time in the evening to everyone’s favorite Retail Therapy Mecca: Target.

{i now own more red shirt than ever I have ever had before}

Leisure and relax has left my vocabulary, completely.

My life, quite suddenly, much like the those weary newborn days, operates in shifts, but with more sleep and cleaner shifts.

So there we were:

just four daughters and one Mama trapped in the house without cell phone instagram updates, Minecraft, the wii, of netflix to distract and keep us comfortably apart, because if any one of you can still recall high school…

five females will NEVER get along for more than FIVE minutes.

And yet.

First thing this morning, after the rain woke me, I sat up to see the long limbered silhouette of my two oldest make their way down the hallway-

they stopped in my room, plunked down on my bed to talk to me!

Soon after…

stumbling downstairs for starbucks and half & half, I hear the sounds of only mild arguing over a game of UNO-

all four girls sitting around the kitchen table playing together!

I threw cherries and yogurt containers at them and told them to evenly distribute the last swigs of O.J. left in the carton.

We went to Panera at lunchtime, for our breakfast.

Shopped at Aldies for a week of groceries.

My youngest dropped and split right down the middle in a jagged crack an entire watermelon.

My second youngest dropped an entire glass jar of salsa, the sound of breaking glass rang throughout a whole store like a warning siren going off.

The oldest?

Running around the store like Aldies is a some kind of retail daycare.

Did I yell at them through tight lips hissing:



Did I punish them by returning the carton of our one per week Moosetracks ice cream?


And then later, when I pulled into the driveway, rain still falling leaving everything in puddles and the air sticky, did I remind them several times to:

“Help.Me.Bring.The.Groceries.In. Please”

Did my oldest ignore and saunter in declaring she was hungry again?

{you already know the answer}

Did I yell again, this time quite openly and colorfully, since I was no longer hindered by being in public that,

“You need to get out of your daydream world that revolves around you and just start helping me out without being yelled at, honestly stop being so self-consumed!”

{you already know the answer}

And now, as I type this, I glance at that taunting little clock in the corner of the screen, telling me I really should start getting ready for work instead of writing, and I think about this rainy day in August and I am glad that today it rained buckets. Still glad despite the destruction of produce and Mexican condiments, that I took the girls grocery shopping instead of leaving them home as usual. Still happy for my decision of decreeing “screen free” because it forced us to be all corralled


which can sometimes feel like a colorful celebration in the midst of the mundane.



part deux

10:20 pm

Home from work and the word “together” would not be the most apt word to describe my husband and I this week.

And yet.

This whole “wow mom gotta job” thing, still new, has made me appreciate him more than ever.

The meals prepared and dishes done.

The laundry flipped and the chapter books read.

Without complaint or sulk or comment.

Because we are in this:


And sometimes the old saying is too true:

Absence Makes The Heart Fonder.

2014-08-12 22.52.03

Funny Book. Cuter Husband.

And this is what I found upon my bed when I came home tonight.

Looking forward to together soon.



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starting a few days ahead to finish up one post!

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