BEGIN_five minute friday



Last night I kept having a repeated nightmare:

the scariest kind that there is…

I am making a fool of myself

It  was of the same flavor that I consistently had the night before going back to school when I was a kid and teenager

Because, you see

Yesterday I spent five-mind-numbing-hours watching a training/orientation DVD in a small florescent lit room with four other people {all much, much, younger than me…like they were not even born yet when I was in high school, young}.

We all had on spiffy new red T-shirts and appropriate khaki bottoms

That’s right:

I just got hired at Target

The place I shop the most, is now going to be where I will spend another  additional 15-20 hours a week.

Only now I will be accruing money, not having it fly out of my wallet

an improvement

I have not worked, worked…as in get presentable, drive in my car, punch in, and interact with adults work, for nearly 13 years.

Most definitely a new Beginning.

While I have been ” just staying home” or “just a mom” or a SAHM, whatever you or the culture currently coin it, these 13 years have been a series of new beginnings.

Each new daughter that came tearing into our home beautiful and exhausting

Each season of newborn, toddler, the “school choice” crisis that consumes all and every parent, then the school battles, then the pre-teen battles of social networking, “you are not wearing that” and “I don’t care what every other parent does. most parents are dumb” {yep that’s a true quote…and I use it often}

And Tim and I had to Begin again too.

Over and over again we need that refresher course of why we fell in love and got married at age 20 and decided to procreate…often

I had to being again at working at LIKING my husband, and my daughters, often.

Because we fragile, chipped, cracked, clay pots of humanness are pretty much the same:



hard of hearing

easily distracted by the shiny bright glint of this world

giving ear to the pursuant whispering lies of Satan

Which is why:

In all this tumultuous change, this hard, hard, upward climb I, by God’s grace, realize I need The New

The New Covenant

The New Way

The New Nature

The New Hope

Found in the powerful stillness of seeking Christ as each day Begins

as every day, season, job description, marriage stress, child stress, financial stress bares down hard

He Begins Again So We Can Begin Again




Linking up with Lisa Jo Baker for another exciting installment of Five Minute Friday!

Happy Friday

Happy August


Happy 33-days-till-the-kids-are-back-in-school {for NewYorkers}




8 thoughts on “BEGIN_five minute friday

  1. I love the other parents are dumb quote, I am going to totally steal it!! Hitting tween season here and I am with you it is a new beginning. Great post on how many beginnings we have in life.


  2. Love this! So many truths… especially the whole battling the pre-teen thing. And the beginning to like your husband thing… I SO get that. Happy August to you… the Monday before school starts here in Kentucky!


  3. Hi, friend! I’m your neighbor over at Lisa Jo’s. Praying for you as you begin again. Such important lessons to be learned here. I need the new all the time. Bless you!


  4. Yay, you started training! I realized I’m a little jealous – walked into a Target yesterday and remembered your post. Had to choke back tears. Weird, right!? I had to think about what was wrong and realized it’s that I’ve been feeling tied down. Missing a life without kids. But of course, I’d never go back. I love my kids, and I’m so blessed being able to stay home with them. It does get tiring, though, and it’d be nice to find a way to get more breaks. Anyway, I really, really liked this post – felt like it was led by the Holy Spirit. I’m excited for your new beginning. 13 years is a long time. Blessings, friend.


    • Thanks! Yes it is. I am excited, yet woke up today so stressed I literally could not go to church! {Tim went early for practice like usual}, its been a really stressful summer. I am hoping 15 hours a week will be a blessing and not my un-doing!


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