BLOOM_five minute friday


gardening is a creative trial and error pursuit

it did not come naturally to me at all

for years i had a wide long thatch of dirt with a few perennials that bloomed and then quickly faded, flanked by persistent weeds

decorating however, always came natural for some reason

probably because i can manipulate the real objects in my hands

then i can just “see it” in my mind’s eye how it will look best

i could handle the antique candle holder, the vintage runner, the shabby chic frames

pull this and that till it looked right

when it grew tired-looking i’d move it or pack away- and just like that i have a clean canvas to do just as i fancy

not so with gardening

it took me years and years to understand that the flashy sanguine daffodils of yellow that birth life into the brown dead world of my garden will fade away by mid April, and that is when those strategically place tulips, delicate and pink, come up, to mask the plain green stalks of the daffodils

daffodils that you cannot hack off with those steal sharp clippers, no matter how tempting, or else you will deprive the deep buried bulb of the chlorophyll it needs to come up next year through snow and freezing nights

it took me so many summers to finally get that i need more late blooming perennials or come august:

my front yard is a mass of tired crispy lawn, spent flowers, and weeds

i discovered, so surprisingly & joyfully, that the deep purple spikes of my two butterfly bushes that look like dead sticks in spring, and a boring wonky shaped bush in June and July, is a dazzling eye catching centerpiece in August; complete with a flurry of monarchs that love to feast of them.

i have lots of weeds, because i don’t spray

i have lots of ” wild cottage-y flowers” that fall technically in the category of weeds

but because they are free and fill in the spaces of those $15.00 perennials that never came back

i like them


no, gardening will not provide instant decorating satisfaction the way a boring, flat, blank, wall turns “accent wall” with a few new over-sized frames and sticker art you pick up at target for 60 bucks will do the trick

my garden has been a long, arduous ordeal

my mind’s eye has never then pushed its way out of the soil…ever

early on i would get so jealous of others:

neat curved edging

those huge hanging baskets placed symmetrically every 3ft around the porch

and of course:

no weeds

but I don’t think that way anymore


i see those perfectly spaced containers and those razor sharp curved edges

and know that look, more than likely, was not achieved by a woman or man’s own hands from a creative eye and passion

it was hired very expensively to maintain the right image

after 13 years of getting my hands dirty, my knees and back sore, lots of disappointments, lots of happy surprises, and lots satisfaction my weedy, un-edged, pesticide-free, garden has finally got to the point where it is in continual full BLOOM of something i enjoy march to october

then i enjoy the dormant rest

now that i think about it:

my pursuit of gardening perfection and what i have learned, ideas and ideals i have rejected, the hard work i have enjoyed, and the beautiful benefits i reap,

all to enjoy the process of seeing a BLOOM

is a lot like parenting




Linking up with Lisa Jo Baker this Friday that is perfect for being outside and the garden.





3 thoughts on “BLOOM_five minute friday

  1. I am not a natural gardener either. And I celebrate weed-like blooms as well! Beautiful post, lovely pictures. Very soothing and flow-y – I like that. Keep up the great work on your blog and in your garden.


  2. I am a big fan of the wildflower aka weed. Used to drive me bonkers that my mom would come and pull them out of my yard when I had a yard. I like overgrown and wild. It takes time. And when you live in the city it’s even more special. I like your yard. A lot. Happy FMF!


  3. Blessings, Leah! So glad you dropped by. I am barely in Blogland this month for all my working to get ready for the writers conference, but I just wanted to catch up with you, too and encourage you to do what you have to to finish your written vision!
    I love how kindred we are with our garden woes. This year we finally bailed on the wildflower thingy and put in knock-out roses all across the front that are blooming all season. Why didn’t we do that before?
    And – I totally get the “my house is my blank canvas” thing. I say that all the time. I LOVE to arrange and re-arrange and need “stuff” as my paint and brushes. Thank you for understanding. LOL
    Yes – for a bit I’m doing the FMF because it gets me publishing at least once a week while I’m in this writing focus. However, I’ve been invited to do a writer’s blog hop where I’m featured and I answer four questions about my writing and introduce three other writers. Gah! Deadline next week – don’t know if I can do that.
    Will see . . .


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