EXHALE_five minute friday


the sun is an organge-y impression through the thick green boughs that surround our deck

it is going to be another hot humid july day and i am glad for the force field of maple, walnut, and oak leaves that surround me; 360 degrees

the only sound:

humming of a/cs keeping daughters in bed much later

keeping our electric bill much scarier

it is summer vacation-

really it adds up to eight weeks,

eight weekends

where each hours does not have to be calculated, tweaked, accomplished

i finish not one mug of starbucks, but two-

not even having to stick it in the microwave once for a warm up because i set it down, got busy, and forgot where i left it

the birds chatter

the squirrels chase

the cats stalk

the bunnies twitch in their pens

it’s going to be a good day







Linking up with Lisa Jo Baker of five minute Friday of course! on this, America’s Birthday, the 4th of July, with a long weekend, a long summer, opening up- lazy, but full of projects and plans all the same- it is what summers are for.




6 thoughts on “EXHALE_five minute friday

  1. i loved reading this…i thought of the idea of number of weekends in a summer last week…how these weekends even over a childhood really aren’t that many in quantity..summers and weekends equal so important.


  2. This makes me want to dance a little. It sounds so nice. Have an extra chair I put on the other side of the yard? I won’t interfere with your peace and quiet, being a peace and quiet kinda girl myself. 😉


  3. I love this Leah! Sounds so peaceful…a place I need right now. I’ve been trying to take it slow this summer, grasp for these kind of moments you just described, but it’s just not happening much. Kids waking up with the sun, baby needing fed, chores begging to be done. Somehow I find small moments to exhale, but I really long for more. Sorry I haven’t been around. I miss you!!! I miss the blog world. I’m even looking at your goodreads wishing I could sit with a book for awhile. Lately, my reading’s just been to the kiddos. BTW- you’re leahbeecher.com now!! Exciting move! And I’m loving the look of the blog. The gray feels warm and clean. Pics seem to pop more. Okay, much love friend. I’ve been thinking of you for months now…I have lots to update you on…just terrible at writing.


    • Yes those perfect calm moments of exhaling, don’t happen without fighting for them. Even then my expectations that everything has to be “just so” gets me stressed, because my house and life are rarely “just so”, and I sabotage my own relax time. Tim was just telling me today, that I am too specific when it comes to what I what, or what I perceive as what will make me happy.
      He’s probably right.


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