GRATEFUL_five minute friday


Some scraggly grass

Mud where there should be grass

Pea gravel paths in attempt to beat back the encroaching mud

But the sum of those elements do not equal the the sum of all the stuff

In Our Back Yard


Tee-pees made from free {always free} bamboo fencing that never got put up proper

Camp chairs that never got folded backed up and put neatly away

Toys and library books and blankets and shoes and shirts and little pairs of pastel underwear

Then there is the my old metal bucket {probably also free I can’t remember} turned snake-house, hastily constructed with additional outside debris that collects in piles at the edge of our property- our equivalent to crammed closets found inside our house.

I see it all-

the grass to mud ratio; grass with only a slight advantage

backyard piles of stuff turned constructed play- left standing like a monuments to childhood imagination

I see it from our beloved wrapped around deck-

still not stained and sealed after 5 years

decorated with mis-matched outside furniture {this we bought new with that seducing siren- the target credit card-we can never quite pay off}

covered with mis-matched cushions

remnant quilt sections turned table cloth

tacked on outside fabric literally stapled to an old vintage beach lounge chair I scored for cheap

What separates lounging deck from  messy play land:

My beloved pink fence


Old, old fencing that once served as the fence wrapped around my childhood pool {we don’t ever, ever throw away raw materials in our family}

That I painted pink

{I love my pink fence}.

All this-

the mashed up

the salvaged

the free

the re-purposed

the messy

the tufts of weedy grass

I am grateful for them all.



When, and how, and more importantly WHY did we as women start that deceptive train of thought-the runs in our minds like a 8 cylinder engine with a full tank of gas-

that neat,



is what will make us happy?

County living photo spread

instead of real living comfort.

I still crave the perfection most every day.

But I don’t live in single-minded pursuit of it anymore

And for that I am grateful.



Linking up this gloriously warm Friday with another installment of Five Minute  Friday with Lisa Jo Baker.

Check out or link up.

This writing prompt thing has become a favorite part of my week.

Comforting, creativity producing with real people.




2 thoughts on “GRATEFUL_five minute friday

  1. Leah,
    I love how you’ve created a place of creativity and play for your children…a bamboo tepee…how awesome is that? I’m with you…I prefer “real living comfort” any day 🙂 blessings to you this Mother’s Day weekend 🙂


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