things pile up_shadow shot sunday_poetry


Things pile up

As things often do


The lumped the clumped

The unrecollected and the neglected


Piles on the chair

Wet towels on the rail

Bills unpaid in their envelopes

Letters yet placed in the mail


But never ever let

Me with you & you with me

Be a task shrugged to the corner

Pitiful pile I’d hate for others to see


God help us and help us swiftly

The day you and I become

That task we must sort through

And be done with quickly




Linking up with the international crowd at Shadow Shot Sunday

& the sensitive souls at Emily’s Imperfect Prose

I have long noticed that photography and poetry seem to feed off each other in my brain.

It is the light touch, the capturing of ideas without saying a word-

that I want to make more room for here at my spot.

Emily’s spot {the imperfect prose link above} is highlighting Lisa Jo Baker’s and her wise, wise words on motherhood.

As always, I forgot its mother’s day weekend. {not a celebrator of commercial holidays I also forget my anniversary}.

But since writing this poem on marriage, I have been reflecting on the truth that I discovered long ago:

the best things you can do for your children is stay in love with your husband

{and its harder and takes more work than keeping a clean house, or sending your children to school with clean, matched clothes}

So enjoy!

It is after all, finally May, my favourite month, the month of light, color, and joy.

I always think of Guinevere belting out “the lusty month of May” twirling with flowers sewed into her gown and in her hair in Camelot.


















3 thoughts on “things pile up_shadow shot sunday_poetry

  1. i enjoyed reading this…first time i have visited….visiting from imperfect prose. yes, you captured the most important thing – loving their daddy…and it’s a lot of work and so worth it. beautifully written and beautiful photography.


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