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I am glad I live in the northeast.

The four seasons help me to hold on.

I need change, the looking forward, the planning ahead, the ebb and flow.

Spring has always been my favourite because of the hope of the promise.

The tilt of the earth is once again pointing in our favour.

April 13th saw favour in the form of 80 degrees and blue, blue skies.

In the form of grass green after six months of brown,

Sanguine yellow daffodils instead of piles of stubborn gray snow piles,

Flips flop and twirly cotton skirts instead of wool socks and cable knit tights.

The Babe insisted we bring out “her pool” and poke around in the attic for last year’s swimsuit.

After Sunday service and Sunday lunch I camped out on the deck with a new book and a couple Coronas with lime.

Then, April 16th cracked opened at 6:30am this morning with crusty snow and my daughter calling she wants to get picked up from her friend’s house because she feels like she is going to throw up.

But the sun was still shining with her powerful smile and I tried to keep my chin up as I stumble for my starbucks waiting in the pot.

After all, the earth is still pointed in our favour.


The Christian walk is surely not “all sunshine and roses”, as they say.

Some days you are soaking up sun with a good book and yummy beverages and everyone around is in a GOOD MOOD.

Then, like some sort of sneaky menace something shifts in the unknown stratosphere:

and your deck is covered in snow,

the kitty pool is frozen in muddy flecked ice,

and all the daffodils are drooping in apparent melancholy:


But we are still the favoured people.

Not because of the situation,

not even because we know “things will eventually get better”

But what is in us.

What has happened.

Christ is in us because the ugliest of the most ugly, the darkest of the most dark can no longer define us, take us over.

It comes and toys with us,

it overwhelms us,

it even pulls us into a slimy pit from time to time.

The worst part is that sometimes we let it in, we cause it.

And that is downright depressing-

An ugly ghetto cheap plastic pool covered in ice and mud in a back yard filled with broken stuff and old toys and hardly any living grass-

kind of depressing.

That view does not define us though.

Maybe that is view we look out and see.

The view that we are afraid the neighbors see and judge.

But it’s what is going on in the inside our home that make this family, us.

Inside is an imperfect family who loves and laughs and learns a lot.

Inside of the believer is Christ, our champion,

the lifter of our heads,

the healer,

the restorer,

the tearer of the curtain that once divided and left us grasping in the dark.

I read in First Peter chapter 1 this morning that:

we “are begotten to a lively hope” and given “an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for you, who are kept by power of God through faith”. {verses 3,4,&5}

Those perfect Sunday afternoons on the deck are not where we live, is it?

But we don’t live in the dirty busted down back yard either.

We live in Christ,

in season and out of season.

We don’t have to vacate, fly  there to there looking for that perfect sunny location.

Leave that for the birds.


We have the one who cries:

“how often I have longed to gather your children together, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings” Luke 13:34

Linking up with Emily Wierenga over at Imperfect Prose.

Her post today was awesome, it usually is.  Even if you don’t  do the link up thing, chances are if you are here you write and you are a mother, her post today will encourage you.




2 thoughts on “SNOW ON THE DECK_imperfect prose

  1. This is so beautiful, Leah. I’ve awakened kind-of drab this morning, and yet the sun is shining, the earth full of color. Reading this lifted my spirits. Brought my mind back to the promises of Scripture, remembering that beautiful inheritance which awaits us, and is even with us to take hold of now. Thank you. Hope my email wasn’t too choppy. I wrote it when I was mentally asleep last night, but I’ve been wanting to write for so long…I just had to send it. Anyway, hope you have a good day. Much love.


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