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What Is Soon To Come…Pom-poms Of Color Like A Paintbrush Stroke on Each Branch

Spring has sprung.

I have the blisters on my thumbs and the pink tinge of sunburn on my nose and cheeks to prove it.

That magical cocktail or warm air, blue skies, and daffodil spikes poking through the dirt was all mine yesterday.

The drink I wait all winter long to gulp down.

It’s the colors.

That is what gets me.

Right around March when clean white snow vacates and brown on brown with a little extra dab of brown stretches out wherever the eye looks, I start to feel the drabness seep into me.

Then when the robins come back from their southern vacation,

when the wood stove gets draped over in a spare quilt in our living room for another six month,

the colors start to slowly fill back in.

I picture it like great big vats of paint buried deep beneath the ground.

It fills up with leached Autumn colors and waits all winter underfoot.

When the time is right it squeezes back up, a dollop at a time-

on corpse stalks of grass on my lawn

on sad gardens thick with decomposing wet leaves and bits of winter litter

on naked tree branches gray and waiting.

Yesterday I raked with a vengeance our tiny front lawn.

It’s like giving it a facial.

A deep exfoliate.

The dead ends get hacked, the subtle green emerges.

Four wheelbarrows filled up with last October’s leaves lets my gardens, poking with verdant green like casually drops of paint, breath and come to life.

I am not much of an artist-in that paintbrush canvas professional way.

But to me, the canvas of flowers, resurrected grass, swollen buds, is art at its finest.

They say even Michelangelo had several assistants while painting the Sistene Chapel.

Humble day labors perhaps who provided just an extra hand here, assisted in peeling this, or mixing that there.

I bet they were happy for their day’s pay while they toiled beside a master with his masterpiece.

That’s me when I get dirty and sweaty, mucking around in the gardens.

Spring in nature is The Master’s masterpiece to me.

My girls want to paint their bedrooms this weekend, coincidentally; have been trying to plan it for awhile, but something always comes up. {usually lack of money and/or gumption}

They are grumbling louder and louder about this weekend.

But it”s gonna be in the 70s and I can already smell the mulch!

So I am going to say “NO”.

Mom needs to paint too.

And I don’t feel one bit guilty about it, because as much as we give, we need to be filled up too.

I’ll probably just bribe them with ice cream.



Linking up yet again with wonderful group of blog writers over at Lisa Jo Baker’s place for Five Minute Friday.




One thought on “PAINT_five minute friday

  1. I’m SO not above bribery with ice cream – I use it to get my kids to cooperate with one.more.stop at the flower store. 🙂 Thanks for these beautiful thoughts and images, and I totally agree that spring is a masterpiece from the Master. (Stopping by with FMF.)


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