WRITER_five minute friday



I write not in the fringe times.

I write in the once in a great while times.

Not here.

Not my blog writer cap.

My my other cap-

what do I call it?

Real writer?


That hat does not fit so easy.

That hat seldom gets put on.

I write uninterrupted a few hours at time as a story pours from me.

This story, a work of fiction, much to my surprise, whose opening scene came to me in a quick-sliver flash as I sat by wood stove warmth last winter, I immediately scribbled down; once I could find a sharpened pencil and my writing journal, of course. Fourteen months later this story drips from me in surprising bursts.  I never, ever, plan what I am going to write. I simply sit at a blank screen and write. But every time this part fantasy, part allegory, with characters flowering from my own family, comes forth, like a stumbled upon underground spring.

These times are kinda scheduled, but pretty seldom

Like evenings with long bubble baths, chocolate. and good book

Like making love in the middle day.

It’s great when it happens, but nothing you better get used to, nothing you should expect daily.

I have gone months without this type of writer hat.

I have sometimes read my last entry, actually surprised, having completely forgotten what I typed and saved on my white mac book, as if I am a first time reader not the writer, because it has been so long!

I think part of my long absences of this very cathartic, and wonderful experience of writing is because it takes Total Concentration.

I do just about everything with a halved or quarter brain.

It is almost impossible to write at home- where multitasking comes as naturally and is a necessary as breathing.

When I get up extra early I feel like I should pray, read The Word, make home made bread.

Since my first hat is wife/mother and to that well I need supernatural power, wisdom, grace.

Since I announced our family is no longer going to eat store sliced bread, and the fresh bakery bread is awesome but really expensive.

Writing seems very indulgent.

Even here in this space, whose entries I have noticed are getting more spaced out all the time.

Writing a fictional story, that very possibly, if not probable, will  never be bound published book, is more than indulgent, if feels foolish.

But I continue.

When the stolen hours manifest, I edit, edit and if there is time, then the story comes out.

If you are called to write, it is gift.

All gifts, including writing, come from God.

If He has given, He will produce.

Produce the product, produce the writer.

And like all fruit from above- it is slow, unexpected, surprisingly good.

It changes you.




Linking up today with Lisa Jo Baker for another five minute Friday with all the varied WRITERS, from all over the country, from so many different walks of life, experiences, and styles.

Who simply write.

Click to join in or read in.




4 thoughts on “WRITER_five minute friday

  1. I love this. Writing is something put on your heart. I don’t think good writing comes in a forced way. I mean we all had to write papers in school, and there is a technical excellence that you can put on paper, on demand. But the story-telling, the heart stories, those well up and then pour out at unexpected times, just like you said. That overflow can’t be ignored, it’s God-given and beautiful. Home made bread is wonderful, it’s amazing, but so is writing, and it feeds a different kind of hunger and need. So when you can, as you can, let that flow because it’s life giving. (Also, check out my blog for 5-Minute Artisan Bread, it literally is 5 minutes of work, and is absolutely delicious.) Blessings!


  2. I love your post and am so glad you took the time to write for FMF. I applaud you for knowing your highest priorities to your husband and children, but also for taking those stolen moments to WRITE. The world is better for it. And, I hope that someday you get to publish that book that comes to you in fits and starts. I think that is awesome. Don’t quit. I’m waiting for that to happen to me! Blessings! I linked up right behind you at FMF!


  3. Leah,
    I loved this… “If you are called to write, it is a gift… And all gifts, even writing come from God…if He has given, HE WILL PRODUCE.” Those words were confirmation and encouragement to my soul! If He has called us to write, we shall! 😉 keep up your writing beautiful friend, as God is calling me to continue mine as well… Even if we have to “steal” our time a little! First time I posted in a long time, and definitely my first time “linking up” with the 5 minute Friday, but Lisa Jo’s and now your words as well, were a conviction of what God had put on my heart… To write! Even if it is for only five minutes, even if it’s my first “official” post on a tiny little space, even if it’s 2:30 am and I cant sleep, even if it’s typed out on my iPhone! “He will produce”… Those words will stay in my heart. Thank you friend. ❤


  4. I can so relate to the “half or quarter brain” syndrome. And also that writing DOES seem indulgent sometimes… And other times it seems like eating or showering. Keep writing! And I hope very much that one day your “foolish” work WILL be bound! 🙂


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