CROWD_five minute friday


When people say “the  masses” it is usually a derogatory thing.

I have heard it said:

“a person is smart, but people are dumb”

I am usually inclined to agree.

But then I am very cynical.

After all, I live in upstate New York and roll my eyes and my sarcastic tongue starts wagging, as time and time again, I witness the panic that overcomes the crowds when another winter storm ‘NorEaster is going to hit and every one, in one accord it seems, strips the grocery shelves of milk, bread, soda, and beer {the four major food groups}.

The terrible frenzy that whips up, unsettles and causes otherwise peaceable individuals, when joined with say a one thousand others who share their political, social views, to do evil.

But, what about “the people of the way”: The term used for converts to Christianity in the first Century?

I was reading Joel chapter 2 yesterday and an image struck me, something I cannot recall every reading before, and scratching my writing brain with this morning’s prompt, it surfaced again:

They shall run like mighty men

They shall climb the wall like men of war

And they shall march every one on his ways and they shall not break their ranks

Neither shall they thrust one another

They shall walk everyone in his path

And when they fall upon the sword they shall not be wounded

This is a picture of God’s people in tough times.

Times where there should be weeping.

Times when only a “remnant” remain and evil is approaching fast and hard.


To me, this is the perfect picture of solidarity.

Not breaking ranks, even as you follow your own path.

No thrusting of swords, or elbows, or jabbing of barbed- tongue judgements.

The marching crowd of The Lord’s people,

“the Bride come out of the closet to meet the Bridegroom”

as it says eight verses later,

has Her eyes set on one thing, and one thing only…

Their jealous God {vs 18}

Who is gracious and merciful and slow to anger, of great kindness

The bearer of

wine, oil, corn

to gladden

to restore

to bring joy.

With our eyes and hearts set upon such a God as this, we can certainly rise above that “crowd mentality” of panic, greed, envy, and harm,

can we not?



Linking up today this March morning that can’t decide if it is going to be Winter or Spring with

Lisa Jo Baker and about a hundred other writers at Five Minute Friday.

Its been a nearly a month since I posted here, and it feel goods to get the cobwebs and dust bunnies shaken off.



One thought on “CROWD_five minute friday

  1. Nice to see you again! Is that a bird in your hand? If you take it to Wegmans you can probably make those people get out of the way at the milk fridge. 😉


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