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“first world problem”

That is what keeps circling in the whirling space between my ears as I sit in a softly lit Wegmans super-market cafe with my seven and five year old, decked out in pink and red donned special for their classroom Valentine’s Party today.


there was a two-hour delay from a snowstorm last night…

that I did not know about…

that I assumed was a full day cancellation, when I pulled into the eerily empty and quiet school parking lot at 8:30 this morning…

meaning no Valentine’s Parties at school….

and so…

we stopped at the awesome Wegmans supermarket a half block over to get donuts to compensate their tragic losses….

but then…

I run into my aunt and explaining our dilemma, a mother, likewise with two children in tow, pipes up behind me and says…

“oh school’s not cancelled, it’s just a two-hour delay”…

in which, my graceful respond to this mother trying to be helpful is…

“well that makes it even MORE annoying”…

which produces another dilemma….

{now that my daughters, already clutching their donuts fresh from the bakery, mouths watering, know full well that their beloved Valentines Party is back on}

do I…

a} camp out at the sprawling cafe with a chia…with a sprinkle of nutmeg…hold the whip cream please…while I read food magazines and the girls giggle and eat and slurp and look through valentine-themed books that we will not be buying, just borrowing to put back on the display shelf later

or do I…

b} drive the ten minutes home in my heated van with new snow tires, so the girls can watch netflix for an hour and then get back in my heated van and take them back to school where they will have more food and fun

I am going to be honest here…

I was pretty pissed off…

weighing my options, sipping my chia latte…

that, by the way, since I did not have cash on me I paid with the swipe of my debit card, if by the way, there is not enough money in there to pay with, will be taken care of by our over-draft protection that will pull it from another source of funds we have at our disposal for only a slight fee that will cost me less than my latte…

” my first world problem/my first world luxuries”

It could not of been more clear.

More than a pithy, humanitarian facebook statement to share and “like”.

Surrounded by literally mountains of food, toiled over and shipped out by humans I don’t know, and sitting in warm, softly lit luxury, I was incredulously thinking:

“why me”?

The dear Lisa Jo Baker raised in Africa as a child is dreaming something big, from a heart that has grown big, by the large love of The Savior.

It is starting with A Garden, cuz doesn’t it always come down to food?

Taste and see that The Lord is good, the Book says.

I think if we really want to dig our teeth down deep and enjoy Our Lord in that deep, satisfying, guttural, way; we simply share our great abundance with those without.

Its Valentine’s Day, after all.

Who was it who said?:

“love isn’t love till you give it away”     {could be Francis of Assisi or possibly Bono or Lincoln Brewster, not sure}

A Garden.

Cuz it always starts with food.

Linking up with Lisa Jo Baker and the other writing lovelies at Five Minute Friday for a special opportunity that is all about love this Valentine’s Day.

shelly2{ i took and edited that photo!! can you believe it??}



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