WRITE_five minute friday

two evenings in a row

that witching time when dinner is done but bedtime routines are far off

that narrow slice of my 18 hour whirlwind day

i’ve blown it

i’ve blown it by plopping down in front of this very keyboard and pc screen i am in front of now

{with dust and crumbs between the spaces of the clicking letters, smudges on the screen, graffiti and trash on the desk top they sit upon}

and intending to read some long neglected blog writers who seldom fail to not inspire or make me smile and or think,

or intending to click out my own contribution to write and publish

i, instead, mess around with my blog “bling”

you know, all the cool tech-y stuff on your blog margins

the comment tracker

the  link ups

the facebook like button

a category cloud

author grid


my goodreads reviews

the thing is i am satisfied, dare i say, happy, with my WRITING but not my “blog presence” as the social lingo goes

did i mention that i suck at all things technical?

we are taking dyslexic and ADD

so my golden hour of ignoring my children, house, laundry, becomes hijacked

i am mad and discouraged

i say irrational things like:

“i hate people and the internet”!

then this week at a Bible study and worship group i can not get into the songs and worship

my mind is so full of chatter from dozens concerns

and i hear it:

the word “un-clutter”

getting out my pen and small purse-sized notebook i always carry

i WRITE it down


of the three specific areas The Lord is talking to me right now

what is at the top of the list:

my writing and my blog


there are people around me tonight i know who are battling cancer, tying to claw there away from a childhood or a marriage filled with abuse

and i am scribbling down notes about a blog!

the other two were specifics about my homeschooling and my intimacy with my  husband {which is so more serious, so i don’t feel quite so shallow}


and so all blog bling has disappeared into the black hole of the internet

my new look on this old site is un-clutterd

just my words

words i try to make brave and true and lovely and sometimes sarcastic

for you


Linking up with the brave talented writer Lisa Jo Baker, for her 5 minute friday link up

a group of people who just WRITE

simply WRITE

simply WRITE


7 thoughts on “WRITE_five minute friday

  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I loved the line “that narrow slice of my 18 hour whirlwind day.” A perfect way to describe those brief moments we have to focus on one thing. I identify with the idea of uncluttered . . . a word that has popped up over and over for me in the last year or so.

    Stopping in from FMF!


  2. Such a good reminder to me to unclutter as I look at my desk piled high with “stuff”. It really distracts me from writing. My blog page also needs to be uncluttered. I need your resolve to just do it. Great post! Visiting from FMF.


  3. Uncluttered is my favorite. I have struggled with the same squirrel-ish distractions and always settle back on the words. The writing. Blessings to you as you pursue just the words and let go of all the technical Things You Could Do.


  4. This is great! I also suck at technical stuff and my blog remains a victim to this day. I try to mess around with it, but I really just don’t know what I’m doing, so I just write instead and try to ignore how un-cool my blog looks. So I can relate to this. I am so glad to have found you on FMF. I loved hanging out here this morning!


    • oh good that actually does make me feel better. Blog status and presence just started to feel like one more hot poker the enemy could use to poke at us. So glad to have made your acquaintance here in bloglandia too!


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