HERO_five minute friday



Today’s word prompt has my nose and my subconscious wrinkling up in skepticism.

Hero brings to mind those over kill special effect movies so popular now- clogging up my local movie theater and crowding out all those independent films, those historical movies, or any movie with Kierra Knightly, were she does not star across Johnny Depp with a pirate sword– that I would like to see, but never come.

There there is the Mariah Carey factor.

Not today’s ghetto-Mariah, the one from 1993 with the ’90s spiral perm and natural chocolate hair and her amazing voice. It was that Mariah and her hit song “Hero”, that was yes, eleven years ago, yet it keeps circling my head, muffling my ears.

How am I supposed to write now?

I confess, I youtubed Mariah Carey singing Hero, just to listen to the song again.  I tabbed over and found the lyrics quicker than it took me to figure out how to correctly spell l-y-r-i-c-.

there is a hero deep inside

look inside you and be strong

find the strength to go on

a hero lives in you

Over thinking me is getting antsy.

Where do you draw the line at self-help-nauseating-cliches and when do exhale and decide, “you know what?… sometimes it is just easier, and better for everyone involved, to just be nice to yourself”

Because that is just it.

As we walk out our life, especially as Christians, we know, we really really know, that we have to be nice to others.  Its called Grace.

But do we give Grace to ourselves?

Grace, not because we are weak and need a sappy bandage. Grace given because we matter.  Can we be our own Hero?  Did Mariah have it right, or was she just trying to sell some records? Is there “a hero deep inside”? In You. In Me.

Because we have something that is valuable, priceless.

Do we as daughters believe that since we ARE:

made in the image of God



made new by The Spirit

that the sum of us, at our CORE, outweighs the issues, the ugly, the tiredness, the scars, the lies?

And can you tell yourself to be nice to yourself, every day?


Linking up this last day of January {yay! 1 month of winter down, 2 more to go} with Lisa Jo Baker at five minute Friday. Click over and read good stuff.

Today’s prompt has reminded me that no matter how distasteful, or uncomfortable, or blank, a word or an image can be, the power and gift of writing real can always muscle through.  It’s an act of faith.

Happy Friday




3 thoughts on “HERO_five minute friday

  1. I love that you allowed yourself to ramble, too! It IS such a key part of the writing process. It’s also really special to have this community of encouragers to help us be brave enough to hit publish on the blog post.


  2. Oh yes! So glad you shared the right-where-you-are writing! Grace heroes: receiving grace and giving it to ourselves and then the natural extension is overflow onto and into others — we can be those heroes!


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