VISIT_five minute friday

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s been popping up, again and again like a new hit pop song you can’t escape:

in the car

at the grocery store

on other people’s lips

then one day on your own lips

and from there it ruminates and hunkers down in your brain

it is then that The Holy Spirit gets to do His serious work the way He always does His best work:

getting it into your heart

being in the body, unity, oneness, one accord, many parts;one body, many gifts;one Gift-Giver

This whole unity and “people need people” & “let yourself be vulnerable, man” was never this lady’s thing, okay.  My twenties were a bit of a hermit existence, in terms on relationships with those not living in my house, went.  Yet I grew, looking back with beautiful hinds-sight, in Christ.  Because He was the only one who I allowed to get in my head and who I let share my burdens.  I did not starve.  I feasted on the Word, on Charles Spurgeon and Oswald Chambers, on great works of literature.  I learned to serve and go without.  I endured four pregnancies that left me sick and anemic for 9 months straight.  I provided that physical, emotional, and spiritual, most anchoring first 5 years of four daughters’ lives.  I stayed in love with my husband.

Then a slow shift started to occur  {God does everything s l o w} and other people who I don’t share a bathroom with  started to matter.
I like to give advice after I analyze and come up with solutions.  I like to do.  I am a great visionary person. This has not been exactly put to death in me, per se, but rather told to take a back seat, “just chill baby”.

It’s not so much me doing this whole “social” or “in the body” thing so I can claw my way up on another rung on the ladder of the Super Christian scale, but rather because I need it, to come to the full realization of what it means to be whole in Christ.

The most natural way to share your life with people, to get to know them as whole persons, to start sharing in their life, so as the New Testament says “when one rejoices we all rejoice, when one suffers we all suffer” is to simply sit down and VISIT.  In all its easy, slow, country folk ways, that this five letter word brings to mind.



After another long break I am once again joining and linking up with the beautiful crowd of writers committed to do the work of redeeming social networking at Lisa’s Jo Baker’s blog for Five Minute Friday..

Join in or simple read up, I bet you will be glad you did.



One thought on “VISIT_five minute friday

  1. Leah, I feel like you in your twenties – just kind-of ruminating on my own…well, maybe it’s not that bad. I do socialize, but it’s been a long season of being a little separate due to various reasons – husband’s work, pregnancy, living in a rural area. It’s a season I think God’s given me for now. But I do believe we’re made for relationship, and those long, country visits, getting to know the whole person – sounds beautiful, refreshing. Anyway, thinking of you today. Hoping all is well. Blessings.


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