SEE _ a five minute friday{link up}


“its black and white”

“its a matter of cause and effect”

These are the things we say, the things I say.

And while hinds-sight will always be 20/20 the being in the center of things feels a lot like following tail lights down a twisting highway in dense fog.

Yesterday I downloaded Ann Voskamp’s 2014 scripture memory pack.

That is what she is calling it:

The Jesus Project.  It’s the words of Christ as from the Gospel of John; 1 a week, in sequential order through the 22 chapters.

She says it much better of course, here is her post .

Yesterday I borrowed my mother in laws how-to zen tangle art book.

Yesterday I bought some archival pens and sketch books and small lined journals on sale.

Today, I, not that successfully, tried to explained to my 6th and 5th grade daughters how the simple practice of drawing small repetitive patterns over and over, letting the form take shape as it twists over your paper {which is what zen tangle art is by the way}, is in a way, is a similar outer practice, much like meditating on God’s Word; an inner practice.

I, not that successfully yet again, began to explain the difference of Western thinking verses Eastern and that all the writers of the Bible and Jesus were Eastern.

I tried to explain to them, and I guess I am trying to explain again here to you all, that seeing and figuring out the black and white cause in effect is not seeing the whole picture of who God is and why we follow the Bible.

The girls and I are doing Ann Voskamp’s memory project together.  Memorizing the verse each week, and then at the end of the school week taking one word from the verse and “tangle it” as a beautiful and visual way to trigger the scripture in our memory.

The point of practicing the drawing of zen tangles was to teach my girls, teach myself,  not every act performed has to be for a clear, concrete purpose, to get a desired result.  Those results almost always being self-serving.

“Don’t try to draw something, for it to be something great at the end, just find a pattern and keep repeating, keep repeating” is what I tell my tall girls with quizzical mouths and eyes roving, not really listening to my words.

Half way through, doing little curly-ques and leafs and petals that for all purposes really do suck because I cannot draw, I was delighted to see the half- fished result, none the less.  I had to shove down my impatience to hurry up, had to ignore my performance driven and cynical inspired brain that said:

  this is both a waste of time and totally weird.

And yet, the process was relaxing, the result was (even with my no talent self at the helm) beautiful, and we three girls all ended up having such a different product at the finish.

All the while, as I doodled, I could not help but think of the process of sanctification.

Can I trust not seeing the end result?

Will I keep at,

this pausing,

this stillness,

this taking our eyes off ourselves and off our plans?

Do I believe it really

is good,

is needed.

is life giving.

Do I believe that believing is not always seeing?


Linking up with the poetic and wise and sweet crowd at Lisa Jo Bakers blog for the return of Five Minute Friday.



4 thoughts on “SEE _ a five minute friday{link up}

  1. I’ve never heard of zen tangle art. Sounds interesting. And I love how you related it to God’s plan for our lives. I’ve been thinking of doing the Jesus project, too. Including my daughter in it. Got distracted and busy and never looked into it again. I should just go download the packet! Also, I love the whole eastern western thought. I forget about that… About the Bible written from a perspective different than our own. It’s good to think about that. Alright, hope you have a good Sunday! Much love.


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