the whole santa thing


To Santa Clause or not Santa Clause, that is the question?

Strange question number two:

Is mainstream Christianity putting too much pressure on Christian families to make their Christmas more Christian?  

I have not been this cynical over Christmas in a long time.  Who knows why?   But I can’t help but to keep thinking about that while yes, the modern, rotund, “making a list and checking it twice” Santa Clause and the whole buy! buy! buy! retail religion was invented by business men, but before that era, Christmas was a pretty small deal.  Not because Jesus was, I wager, but because His birth was simply the start of the greatest act in history.

It is why I have always liked Easter more, and all of the old Christmas hymns give only a verse or two to the manger scene before they move to the cross and the empty tomb.

I get redeeming Christmas, and have been for years trying like mad to not make it solely about getting, getting.  However, I have noticed these last few years as Christian moms debate if telling your kids that “yes Santa is real honey” will or will not then psychologically nudge our children to forever associate Jesus as a fraud too.

Honestly, it is a valid concern.

However, scrabbling to Make Jesus the Reason for the Season, is also falling pretty short of what being “people of the way” as the early Christians were know as, is all about. What is being a “follower” a “believer” a “disciple” look like to our children anyway?  I am pretty sure it is not cramming more organized obligations, sweet and nice as they are, to cram in between the day after Thanksgiving and December 24th, and if you don’t you are gonna be one g u i l t y  l a d y.

All these ideas and analyzing has been dancing in my head like sugar plums  {could not resists inserting an obvious corny Christmas metaphor in my snarky post…sorry…what is a sugar plum anyway?} since I decided to do a short History unit on who the real Saint Nicholas was for homeschooling this month

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One thought on “the whole santa thing

  1. Great post. It is sad the things our culture places emphasis on, and as you said what does it even mean to look like a disciple in general, let alone to our children. It is definitely a somewhat disturbing time to always know how to best raise your kids. Thanks for sharing!


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