TRUTH_five minute friday


Our eyes met and clicked in unison, in happy recognition .

We are in the toy aisle of Target, filled to overflow in anticipation of Christmas consuming.

We greet and exchange pleasantries about my hair cut, how big her daughter is getting.

Soon we get down to business:

“how is school going for your kids in the new school district? {knowing that they moved specifically for a “better school”}

She reciprocates the question to me.

I spill out my now perfectly rehearsed delivery of:

“I am homeschooling this year”…”because”….”I just felt”…”its really hard”…”but its good”…

When we run through the gambit of public school policy, state testing, core curriculum, we circle around back to mothering.

When we are talking about concerns about our children, shouldn’t it always circle back to mothering?

Was is really Napoleon who said,

“the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world” ?

Probably not, but it hardly matters; the bald face TRUTH is the point.

The conversation winds its way around, as it always does, like a counter-clockwise eddy of searching questions, whenever we Mamas get to gabbin’-

“how did you know”

I say what I always say:

“I just knew it was what God wanted for me to do, for my girls, for this season”.


Well, there is no direct how, a “some assembly may be acquired” sheet of directions, a blueprint of methods.

Discernment is always going to have the blurring edges, but with the sure compass direction of TRUTH that you can trust the whisper of The Spirit of God, but only after you start to admit the TRUTH of how much you need the tribune God of Father, Son, and Spirit, for everything, every day.



Its Friday and I am happy to be here.

Happy a long weekend stretches out before us with the promise of sunshine, cool air, and the last array of Autumn on the trees and on the ground. Happy for the power of words, community, high speed internet connection, pixels that convert to digital images on a screen, and The Gypsy Mama Blogger who followed The Spirit to start up this weird thing called Five Minute Friday.




5 thoughts on “TRUTH_five minute friday

  1. Bless you in your new adventure this year! I love your comment that we can trust the whisper of the Holy Spirit. How hard it can be to quiet our souls to truly listen. So glad to have met you today!


  2. Sometimes it feels like life might be easier if there were always exact step by step directions for whatever situation I’m facing. 🙂 But I love this: “the sure compass direction of TRUTH that you can trust the whisper of The Spirit of God”

    Thanks for stopping by! I’m glad you were my 5min neighbor too, cause I really enjoyed your post here. Blessings!


  3. I didn’t know, Hubby did, when it came to Homeschooling no 2 son for a year. One thing about having that daily time together, the communication channel opens up and despite teen angst sometimes, he still feels comfortable enough to discuss any topic with me. Still surprises me. I’m totally sure Leah, all your hardwork in homeschooling your two girls will show through when you least expect it.


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