five minute friday_TOGETHER


It’s a simple cozy sanctuary.

The church its self looks to have been built sometime during the modern utilitarian architect design era of the mid 20th-century, with the sanctuary updated last, most likely in the 80s.

In other words, kinda ugly.

But none of that matters,

Whether it be an ancient cathedral with fresco paintings and stained glass windows, or a dingy office space rented out-

being with The Body is what matters.

We are better together.

Otherwise, we often are led astray that it is us, against the world.

Or, being held immobile by the past hurts of those who:

did a whole lot of talking about Jesus, with a whole lot of acting like a bully,

and it seizes you with a fresh dagger prick of hurt and bitterness.

I don’t think Our Lord wants us to stay in either one of those places.

Sundays, the most ancient of practices, Sabbath Rest, has been restored to me again.

A group of 50 or 60 individuals.

A few instruments.

Words on a screen.

That is not so unique, or extraordinary, really.

But The Spirit of reverence, mingled with excitement; the palpable emotion of heavy hearts followed right on its heels of genuine thanks.

That is extraordinary.

More than that; it is supernatural.

But we are a supernatural people, after all.

Dirty slaves, made spotless Bride.

Together with the Body, who if I were to get to know more intimately, I am positive, I would not agree with on every matter, would clash personalities with, women who would get under my skin, men who I would roll my eyes at, children who I want to take over my knee because they have no respect…you cannot attend church for any length of time and not encounter this.Stinking humanity is all it.  And you my friend, reek of it as well.

And yet, Sabbath morning, we get our minds off ourselves, off others, off the bills, off the kids, off what she said, what he did, and we, in one accord, together, think of HIM, Who is perfect, Who never failed us, Who is both an incredible mystery and close as a lover’s whisper.

And TOGETHER we simple say THANKS.


Linking up with talented and tender group at the flash mob writers club known as five minute friday.

Happy Friday to all.



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