five minute friday-LAUNDRY


The older women, about my mom’s age, are sitting a table away from me as I try to make room for my Chai Late (soy  non-fat), my spinach feta stuffed pretzel, my slowly dying Mac book, my notebook, my battered Bible, at my local Barnes and Noble Cafe.

They are talking, kinda loud,  and that is kinda annoying to me. Then another friend joins their conversation.

I try to not listen, I am here to read and write PEOPLE… in PEACE!

The more you try not to listen. the more the conversation intrudes, however.

The one who likes to talk the loudest is announcing that:

“I have to go to Lowes and get a new washer and dryer” and “not looking forward”

“Well. that is a necessity” pipes up the other.

The third starts to reminisce about so and so (her mother or grandmother perhaps) who:

“had eight children and one of those crank machines in the kitchen”.

She recalls-

“the cloth diapers on the line in winter…bringing them in frozen to thaw by the fire”

With a chuckle another pipes up-

“that would not happen nowadays, they would just die!”

The one reminiscing sagely adds-

“Well, they did what they had to do”.

They did what they had to do.

I find myself thinking about that.

They (the pre- baby boomer generation) are not any different, in a human sense,  from us;  (The post- baby boomer generation) who drink soy non fat lattes and curse under our breath about our $1000 Mac book not being perfect.

More stuff.

That’s the difference.

This more stuff makes for more conveniences, which makes for more free time? (well maybe), definitely more luxuries.

The ying and yang of it all is getting more and more black and white with each day.

The depression,

the cancer,

the debt,

chaotic homes,

marriages like a pair of super charged commuter trains, running on empty, seldom criss-crossing tracks.

They did what they had to do.

Making do with less stuff, less money, less convenience.

Can I do what I have to do?

Choosing to swim upstream, purposeful, with less stuff, less money, less convenience?

I think I can.

After all, women are women.

We share a common bond, a common power, a common capacity to feel and love, a common aptitude.

Because we were made so, by the same Creator. Who changes not.



It is another glorious Friday.

Glorious in that I don’t have to do formalized lessons with my homeschooled girls, just write out assignments for the morning and weekend.

Glorious in that our October weather is October perfect-In That Ann of Green Gables Way- still.

Glorious in that-  it is 5minfri link up time again



4 thoughts on “five minute friday-LAUNDRY

  1. It is all about the choices we make. It is important to me to home-school, regardless of what anybody else believes, and such we have to do with one income because I do not by locate easily.


  2. And you do what you have to do and are a strong woman, capable, as the generations of women before. God bless you, my girl. I continue to be so proud of you.


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