five minute friday: ORDINARY

my nightstand awash in sunglow

Letting the cat slip out the back door in a semi-lit quiet house I looked, like I always do, to the sky.

A rich expanse of blue gray over orange and yellow tree tops, fifty feet high.

I then spot it:

a rainbow.

It just made me happy.

Fading fast, more of a technicolor streak at this point, with no start, no ending visible over the Western sky,

Faith Me says:

“Look, a special little beautiful gift in the sky”

Cynical Me says:

“Wow, you are really just trying  a little too hard Leah, to be all happy spiritual…looking for signs to make yourself feel better…really?”

Do you have this inner dialogue, like arguing twins in your head?

I do all the time.

“Maybe both are right”

Like a mother hen, like the ultimate peace-maker, who just wants everyone to SHUT UP

A third timid little voice in my head pipes up:

“Ya know, you’re both right…

Yes, this is a special gift, Faith Me.

And yes, you ARE trying hard to be happy and spiritual, looking for signs, Cynical Me.

Ordinary little things, you will yourself to notice, to smile about, to think positively on,

is an un- ordinary human trait”.


The Apostle Peter called us the peculiar people. {I Peter 2:9}

This being un-ordinary, in more ways than one, is what being the Bride of Christ is all about.

So, thanks for being annoying and waking me up early with your incessant meowing,  Mr.Bo Jangles.

mister bo jangles hungry for the sun too looks like


Linking up with the always inspiring and often down-right anointed writers at The Gypsy Mama Blog, for Five Minute Friday


5 thoughts on “five minute friday: ORDINARY

  1. I love all three of your voices. I am not sure how many inhabit my head…I do a lot of talking. Unfortunately, sometimes, I forget that I am not alone and talk aloud. Oops!


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