…think on these things


looKing doWn...

Ever wake up on Saturday morning, and you know that you love Saturdays morning, you know it is one of the best times of the week, but for some reason you just feel heavy?

Dark clouds on your mental horizon.

Thoughts like thick sticky humidity turns your outlook sluggish and limp

turning you into a chronic Eeyore


Ever lay in bed pretending to be asleep because you just don’t feel like talking, because you are no good at pretending, and he always knows, and haven’t we been around this bush enough times?

I mumble some prayers:

i am tired Lord…

i know where this road leads, Jesus…



is true

whatsoever is



is just


is pure


is lovely


is noble


is praiseworthy

think on these things.

And the peace that passeth understanding will be yours through Christ Jesus.”

That’s what I heard.

Nothing dramatic shifted in hormonal, complicated, me.

Leaps for joy and bubbling over with giddiness were not to be seen.

However, it was enough.

Enough to sit up and say:

“hey you know what? I do have control over what I think, and how I react”

The picture could not of been more clear of living out Eucharisteo.

The next day I read this in my Sacred Space Prayer Book and Devotional put out by Irish Jesuits {did not even KNOW  there was such a thing.  When I think of Jesuits I think of boys college} that I highly recommend.

Saint Paul is saying that,as we are captivated by Christ

and transformed in Him,

then also every good thing displayed in this world should fill our hearts and minds.

Especially what is True, and Good, and Beautiful.

The manifestation of these things are worthy of our admiration and interest.

They are in fact, supremely given us in Christ,

so we are invited to have the care of them.

Sometimes in life, indeed,

we feel overwhelmed by their opposites-

so much is unjust, untrue, and ugly.

It seems to predominate the world around us.

But, all the more, we are called

to discern and uphold what is true and good and upright and lovely.

It took me till late the following evening (Sunday, last night) to take the time to sit down and list.

The weekend was not great…but it was not horrible.

We laughed,

 cleaned out the tomato garden,

had a round of frappachinos in every flavor available with my girls at Starbucks ,

rooted on the Buffalo Bills to their third straight win on the couch,

and had friends over on the deck with way too much pizza  and wings.

I watched the girls’ Daddy play his guitar and lead worship songs and closed my eyes and listened to four very high voices squeak out

“Blessed be Your Name”

during home church yesterday.

whatsoever….think on these things.

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I even have the correct day this week.

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So you can following my link.




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