five minute friday: TRUE

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Behind the digital

I have been listening to NPR News in the mornings after I drop the little ones off in the morning to school.

Today they had a witty and interesting piece on the advent and now near death of The Blackberry phone, precursor to the iphone.

“A PC in your pocket”.

“The digital YOU vying for space in the World Wide Web”.

That is what the Blackberry did for the world.

But the digital you isn’t really YOU is it?

Just like the YOU in pantyhose and lip gloss at church isn’t the real you…

the making small talk with a baby stroller in your grasp in front of swings at the park with other moms…

sitting in chairs way too small for your bottom during parent/teacher conferences…

it’s the polite, mind racing, asking what does she think of me?…YOU

However, We Do Need These Polite Walls.

That is what manners are all about, right?

Lisa Jo Baker, blog creator of FMF challenged herself, and her followers this morning to be TRUE, especially in regards to mothering, our past, our marriage, significant relationships, dreams

This digital and social networking revolution allows us to “put our hair down” like never before;

regardless of how often we “like” something on facebook…

So here is my top-ten list of TRUE things about me:

1.   I talk to myself, all the time

2.   I use our library as free homeschooling baby siting, and will do so shortly after this post

3.   I am missing two teeth due to excessive pregnancy sickness and depression

4.   I have sometimes taken an extra long time tucking in the girls, then take a really long shower, and then floss really good in attempts to let my husband fall asleep before I climb in bed because I know he is sniffing around for sex…but I really just want to finish my book

5.   We recently left our church because God gave me a disturbing vision, then confirmed it by giving a dream to a close friend, that was  nearly identical to my vision. It was an amazing yet emotionally depleting event.  We are taking time off of church for a few weeks, because of the stress, feeling too emotional to even begin to feel out another church body.

6.  I have spent two months in counseling recently…and it was the best thing for me.  I told Tim at first I felt like I was going to some sort of female version of visiting a prostitute…pay 80 bucks an hour to talk without interruption, without judgement, with out fear of it being repeated…was an amazing release

7.   I want to adopt a little brown skinned boy one day, maybe two…my husband thinks I am crazy…but I am not worried who is right who is wrong…I know enough about God to know we are to be someone(s)  parents or not, feelings, finances, aside.

8.   I will probably never vote Republican again, but  will never be a Democrat…which quite possibly means I may not vote. period.

9.   I have gotten more spiritual insights out of Harry Potter than I did with Pilgrim’s Progress…but to be honest I never finished Pilgrims Progress…I probably need the kid’s version.

10.  Whenever we have Italian for dinner I usually have 2- 3 helpings… out eating my 6′ 4″ husband every time

Thanks for sharing another edition of Five Minute Friday hosted by the Gypsy Mama Blog..I never know what I am going to write, and it always takes me way longer than 5 minutes.



4 thoughts on “five minute friday: TRUE

  1. Hey Leah, so you liked Harry Potter? I’ve heard so many good things about the books (I know this should be obvious with its popularity and all), but I really didn’t like the first or second movie–that keeps deterring me from books. Maybe I do need to finally just give them a chance!! Anyway, I didn’t like Pilgrim’s Progress either and didn’t finish it my first time around. But then I gave it a second chance, because a few friends were reading it, and I probably wouldn’t have finished if it wasn’t for sheer determination. I always feel bad confessing this since it’s a classic, has changed so many people’s lives, and John Bunyan was such an amazing Christian. Okay, so now I want to hear that vision 🙂 Of course you don’t have to share with me, but I’ll be responding to your email soon! Thanks for opening up. Being courageous here.


    • Ugh..the Harry Potter movies…they were tolerable at best! You know Hollywood…just insert the action sequence, dramatic moments, and funny dialogue from the book in under 120 minutes. I am convinced, from my own careful reading, not others’ opinions, that J.K. Rowling is a “closet Christian” who purposely wrote a book for kids that the Christian community would reject, because honestly does the Christian bookstore need more spoon fed books for Christians? I don’t think so…just my opinion. Or she is one of those souls who God has given the ability to see and comprehend true spiritual realities that govern this world, but has never been converted herself. When your kids are in middle school it may be a book you want to read together…it will be here quicker than you think! In the mean time don’t let them watch the movies…it wrecks it!
      I’ll email you back about my vision. Its nice you want to know and just don’t think I am a charismatic weirdo!


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