five minute friday_SHE


SHE_speaks quickly with much emotion spread over her face; it’s in the eyes widening, the eyebrows raising, the nose scrunching, the mouth twisting

SHE_ sits back and says nothing; still as the table centerpiece, hoping the others will forget she is there so she can catch all that is being said, to maul over later-what was absorbed will come back a day or so later in the form of a sarcastic joke

SHE_drifts away from the crowd; even the one brimming with laughing friends because exhaling is easier alone, the buzz of noise stimulates at first, then becomes a scratchy patch on the forearm that needs to be treated with the cool balm of solitude

SHE_is never still, constant motion, observation, eyes that take it all in, that make no apologies, that will bull doze you over, then feel terrible.

SHE is actually THEM


pieces of me,

swirling around in chunks of inherited DNA,

learned behavior,

flavored with a dash of birth order,

blending like oil pastels on a canvas with just as many swirls of Daddy,

tinted with Gramma’s talent,

with Grampa’s humor.



Linking up this very, very much TGIF-type of Friday with the wonderful Lisa Jo Baker at Gypsy Mama.

My creative time out and inspiration for the week.

What are you waiting for?

Go over and join in.



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