five minute friday_MERCY

What does mercy look like?


Especially if your gift is teaching, leading,

your tendency is to judge and solve, visualize and do,

but your desire is to serve?

What if your spouse thinks you let emotions take you away too often?

What if the phrase:

“no one gets me” scurries across your mind during daily mundane tasks often?

What if your heart response, if you are honest, is:

“they don’t get me, cause they obviously don’t get God” ?

What if whenever you serve, you feel like some kind of lone ranger,

and while at first it stokes your nonconformist ego

after a while it just gets lonely?

What if when you pray for others you find yourself mentally and practically solving their problems if they would just straighten up?

“The plank in your eye, while removing a brother’s speck”

that’s what I read this morning.

Beautiful, raw, honest, spirit filled, words filled my screen this morning:

about Mercy and Judgement

about social media and Kenya 

{strongly recommend the youtube clip story here about social media and Kenya…{its not about feeling guilty for being white and American, but thankful we are redeemed  part of, and have power for good by Christ}.

i want it

i get it

this whole:

 Micah 6:8 thing

And what does the Lord require of you?

To act justly, and to love MERCY, and to walk humbly with your God

and i think i may be clumsily stumbling towards it by God’s grace:

Mercy is a thawing and awakening from self…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAit’s nodding a farewell to old pursuits that fulfilled and passed the time in the long winter of YOU,

even while we still look back fondly and can, without guilt, play in the snow and build a snowman from time to time-

we don’t live there anymore…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand as Christ, our high priest of MERCY, extends grace and forgiveness to us, each day, no matter how ugly and repetitive the sin

the green shoots of LIFE break through the ice


we gingerly step out: in our own back yard {our own Jerusalem}

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand pretty soon we just go ahead and plunge in-

two feet, ten toes



Yes, this took a heck of a lot longer than five minutes total.

But how I have been rolling with it is:

I type my first part straight from heart to keyboard

and then I peruse my archives of photos and see what strikes me and type some more again.

It’s a double experience then;  raw writing & photo inspiration.

I am seeing that for the time being, with my new “career” of homeschooling, my manyslices posts are going to limited to Friday mornings.

It’s okay.

Its right where I am supposed to be.



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