OUR STORY_sumMer’13{august break_day twenty-five}…Sunday morning

Statement Of Faith

Statement Of Faith

“Why get up, wrangle four children, a husband, yourself, out of bed, eat a hasty breakfast, and try to look presentable on SUNDAY MORNING, every Sunday morning” ?

the question has been asked.

Sabbath means rest.

Surely, any casual observer would not summarize the general mood of our house on Sunday morning as anything close to restful.

And yet we continue.

The following offering of photos is my attempt to show and explain why:


one voice, same song, to one true God

causes me to feel something rise up in me

i see that same thing rise up in others

that “thing” is the Spirit

the Spirit lets me know, again, in the mist of the harsh, the course, the plain, God is there


the truth is:

it’s okay to be broken

growth and light often are present, right beside it

when you look with eyes of faith

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Those walking in darkness have seen a great light”

Jesus is that Day Star that rises in our own hearts

i take the time to prioritize my week to honor Him

and He pours His light and love in me… smudged up, chipped up and all



The house of God

God’s people

God’s praise

God’s word

being in the midst of it

week after week

allows the Holy Spirit to reflect what is true in my life

not what will solve all my problems

not what will make me successful

not what will make me more money, or even sometimes, more happy

not what is wrong with everyone else who believe as I do, who don’t share my beliefs

just what is true:

and the truth is always freeing



The sure whisper that it’s okay to just be

to do nothing but enjoy

to take in all that is lovely and good

after church

achieved again by deliberate prioritizing

by acknowledging first, that God is worth it

thus getting ourselves to church Sunday morning


I am worth it,

to put my feet up on Sunday afternoon.


Thanks for joining me on my visual mini-sermon… not at all planned…sometimes it just happens

This is day twenty five of my OUR STORY_sumMer’13  series

and August break group on flickr



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