Guilty Pleasures & the start of August Break’13

The Beginning Of The End...

The Beginning Of The End…

Welcome to my August blog/photography/writing project:

OUR STORY_suMer’13 and August break 2013 on flickr

{all posts starting on August 1st till the 31st can be viewed by scrolling down from this introduction page}

So here it is…the last day of July.

Tomorrow is August.

August is a funny month. So many conflicting emotions. Sure… there is a whole month left of Summer.Sure… it’s still hot and the garden is flourishing with color and the lawn and trees continue to  gush green.

But we all know it’s the beginning of the end.

July is our screen free month.My guilty pleasure month of nothing: I drink much too much coffee in the morning and  too much wine at night after a dinner that starts much too late. The dishes are never done, the clean laundry is forever in plastic laundry baskets, and I never answer emails. It’s a bit like reading one of those vintage Gothic romance novels. {the one pictured above is Frenchman’s Creek, by Daphne du Maurier, the novel she wrote before her famous classic, Rebecca} If feels good to read simple and predictable books that just sorta float you away for a time. Now here comes August. My guilty pleasure only has a few pages left; the final thin pages under my thumb.  And yet, all this week I have had the strong urge to race to the end. All the while, not wanting it to end.

Come join me, if you wish, as I dally a little longer in Summer, participating in Susannah Conway’s August Break photo group on Flickr. One photo or one series of photos a day will be posted here for the month of August.  Minimal text.I am doing something a little different this year with my photos.  Wacking those creative juices out of me, as I get my rump off the porch and in front of the computer again.

Scroll down to view daily posts all month…


5 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures & the start of August Break’13

  1. Leah, you’ve mentioned good reads a few times, and I do have an account I set up a long time ago, but never used. I just don’t think I read enough and lately, I feel like I’ve been re-reading a lot of books. One of these days, you just might find me using the account, because you mention so many books I haven’t read, and sound interesting:) Anyway, I’m glad you’re back, and I look forward to all your summer photos. It sounds like you had a nice, relaxing July! I think I’ll have to do this same thing next year.


  2. Dear Leah, I’ve missed so many posts, didn’t think how you were posting (cos I usually look at the thumbnails, dah!). Have been enjoying your gorgeous photos, love sleeping beauty, and the fence pics, so many beautiful pics, must remember to take more of my boys (when they’ve had haircust, they’re looking quite wild at the moment) Summer, summer how we love it.


  3. Hi, Leah! So good to see you, and I LOVE this series. What gorgeous photos and tender word capturing of summer family life. I especially love and relate! to this line: “all this week I have had the strong urge to race to the end. All the while, not wanting it to end.” Bless you in this time of finishing and new beginnings. (Always so thankful for your visits to my place, too.)


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