FALL: five minute friday



This will all fall down like everything else that was
This too shall pass and all of the words we said
We can’t take back

Rob Thomas

I am sitting, my mind as blank as my wordpress post screen in front of me.

Groping for some sort of inspiration

The only thing in my head:

Rob Thomas’s voice,

Leader/song writer of the band Matchbox 20.

He is a real poet and those are his words up there in bold italic.

This will all fall down/this too shall pass/ those words we can’t take back

Yep, everything  we can tangibly hold will breakdown, down, down, till its gone.

From houses and cars, to dishwashers and PCs, to my favorite rose bush.

Even the soft warm boney bodies of the girls.

His strong arm nestled on my hip in bed.

It will fade away

pass away.

And the millions of words?

Spoken, wrote, laughed out, chided, thick with sarcasm, heavy in regret, soothing in comfort, beautifully simple, saturated in Holy Spirit- they don’t come back.

But when they hit their mark?

Where do they go?

Like the seeds that Jesus taught about falling on shallow ground, rocky soil, or fertile dirt

each word will drift down somewhere and do something.

I struggle with my tongue.

My love language is sarcasm .

But the School of Motherhood has clawed away lots of the rough edges and has made me much more gentle.

I am forever striving to learn and absorb, to then naturally, organically, teach all who cross my path

because I just want to make sure I and then THEY get it right.

Swimming upstream in the information age

may the truth gently wash over me and fall and sew in receptive ears and hearts and souls.

It is the soul, after all, that never falls away but lasts forever.


Linking up with my writing prompt on this overcast and rainy, but oh so wonderfully quiet, Friday morning { MR.MS taking The Babe to a check up + big girls in school= Silent House(Happy Me) }

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5 thoughts on “FALL: five minute friday

  1. What lovely thoughts and words! I too share your love language, sarcasm. It is certainly something I need to rein in, especially when I catch my oldest mimicking me! This information age is tricky indeed. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t struggle in our world. But those last words you typed resonate in my heart because truly, I cling to them in hope: “It is the soul, after all, that never falls away but lasts forever.” Blessings!


  2. Hi Leah, I love that you point out that the words we speak won’t last, but the hearts where they go, the result of them is what will last. I love, love this thought. It’s made me think, the Word of God endures forever. Not our own. And that’s a really comforting and encouraging thought. Hope you had a great, quiet morning alone. What a blessing!


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