COMFORT: five minute friday


being safe

the uncertainty of where we going: that is not uncertain to The Father

at a special worship service a few Sundays ago and I had the image flash, as quick as a bulb burst in a camera,

of a child holding on to her father’s hand in the dark

i’ve been holding on to that image

it has not disapointed

yesterday the babe happily picked a fistful of our much anticipated strawberry blossoms

she though they were the “white lilacs out back” we were planning on gathering

i yelled out in dismay

her horror of realizing her destroying immediately evident in bulging eyes and a twisted mouth of fear, tears splashed down cheeks within a moment

realizing her honest mistake, i gather her up and have to soothe her for several minutes

i re-affirming  and re-affirm

“it does not matter”

“everyone makes mistakes”

“i am not angry”

a trip to my secluded tin of bliss chocolates binds up the last wound, plugs  up those tear ducts for good

that is comfort:

words that affirm your actions never alter my love


sealed with a good gift

its what Our Heavenly Father does for us

its what’s i try to do for my family


Linking up again with Lisa Jo Baker Blog for a five minute friday writing prompt.

Its been very, very busy in our home, with some expectant developments in our family.

Good things, but that have got us all feeling a little discombobulated { I have never written that word out…thank goodness for spell check} .

It almost has the same feeling of when we brought home another sister, {though not quite that drastic and no stitches or sore boobs to deal with}

As we adjust to new routines and altered schedules, I am comforted to be returning to the sameness of this space, that has become a genuine gift and blessing in my life.



One thought on “COMFORT: five minute friday

  1. Hi Leah, Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you’ve had a great one and that you’ve got the night off! Anyway, oh how I relate to this with my little ones…how many times they mistakenly destroyed something and I’ve had to hold them and reassure them of my love. I agree, it is the way our Father comforts us and His comfort teaches us how to comfort others. I also understand the discombobulated feeling of working. I cleaned house for a friend every other week for a long time. I loved it, but those weeks were always a little “off” for my family. I hope all is going well. Blessings!


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