BRAVE: five minute friday



Just watched the singer and songwriter Sarah Bareilles’s  youtube video on her new song Brave

I bawled like a baby.

Young girls and mothering/ mothering and young girls:

its been a needle in my brain all this week. I am tearing and wrestling, anger and annoyed, at myself, at society and Christians and the church.   I am in despair as I take in the removed enormous picture; overjoyed as I take in my own tiny moments.

I am a mother of four girls:

one who just started youth group

one who has been quiet and reclusive for a couple days and won’t tell me why

one who has a spray of burnt brown freckles across her nose and two dimples on each cheek that when she smiles lights up all that is around her in a pure quick- silver flash

one who is starting all day school in 4 months.

Girls as a whole in this society are not doing well.

They are not allowed to be little girls

They are wearing padded bras and brazen tanks putting out there goods with the incessant loop that:

they being desired and associated as belonging to another male is what makes them matter, what makes them significant, and will make them happy.{ because that is at the heart of all this “going out with” that starts in at right about 1st grade. And if you don’t believe me; then you have never hung back on a piece of some school property to simply listen and watch}

and that idea playing in their head is not very different from the hook and reel pimps use to lure girls into prostitution

I’m sorry, but I am sick of parents not being parents, in particular mothers not being mothers, because the horrible fall out is always, always  little girls cannot be little girls.

My oldest started “going out” with a boy this year.

She broke up with him yesterday-her decision not my coaxing because “he did not have good character”

I didn’t know what to do about this whole thing.

We talked, we put down ground rules that basically equaled  “um…you are never going to see him or hang out except at school… and no touching”

I still don’t know if its right, if I was right, if I am making a too big a deal, not a big enough deal.

I see the look in her younger sister’s eye, her best friend, my quirky, hilarious and beautiful 2nd born, because no squeaky- voice little boy wants her as his.

I hate it.

She is nine years old and loves to read American Girls books, and ride her bike barefoot.  When she gets cold from splashing in the hose she lays out on our blacktop driveway in the sun like a cat and sucks her fingers.

I wanna rant about society.

I wanna blame public schools, pre-teen sitcoms, and the boy band one direction

But an angry, cynical, fearful, Mother, is no mother at all.

the world is harsh…i need to be gentle

the world placates the youth…i need to say “No” or “enough”

the world hurries them, hurries them, to the next something they have to do or need to go…i need to sit, look them in the eye, until they have had their say, and so have i

the world is in the grips of Satan unawares and self absorbed …i need to be gripping onto Jesus Christ wise and serving

it is an unbelievably hard battle, every day, that leaves you tired, fatigued, and restless

but the brave trust God and do the next thing.


Linking up today with Lisa Jo Baker’s  blog

I never, ever plug youtube video links because…well because , but I highly encourage any woman regardless if you have daughters to visit and check out that youtube video link on Lisa’s blog today (above) of Sara Bareilles new song Brave, its very moving and beautiful.  I know as much as I know I am sitting her typing this that:every single woman has at least one girl in her life she can simply mentor by simply being available and letting her talk, and then slowly, carefully respond, and then go home and pray for.

Also, all mother’s should listen to and watch the simple video she also links that Lisa Jo Baker put together that speak about the importance of mothering full time in the home.





9 thoughts on “BRAVE: five minute friday

  1. Leah, thank you, first of all for stopping by and commenting on my post. I agree with you about the scripture. That’s exactly the impression I was expecting to evoke with my post. So, it worked.

    I understand this thing about the girls today not being able to just be girls. There’s so much pressure from all around for the girls to be something they are not. It’s tough out there!

    Happy Friday and weekend!


  2. Hi Leah, I don’t know why I didn’t watch that video until just now, but I see how it can stir you to write a post like this! I’m proud of you! Honestly, it struck fear in me…and I have a lot of fear regarding my little ones growing up in this world. But like you said, they need a mother who’s clinging to Jesus, who will love them unconditionally. To gently, yet boldly lead. Thank you for speaking up! I’ve been bad at keeping in touch, because I’ve got too much going on this week! But I love you dearly, friend. You’re words always speak to me and I’m thankful our paths have crossed online. Praying for you and your girls.


    • Pathetically late reply Jacqui, but thank you so much. Your words are so kind and I know sincere. I am thankful to cross paths with you too. Its funny, but just like in, what would be the word?… “real” friendships you meet informally, chat with lots of people, but sometimes you just click, because you know exactly what the other person means or is about. I don’t know if you read my post prior but I have a part time evening job, nothing I planned on, just kinda fell on me. So we are all adjusting to this new schedule, which as you know, when life gets turned upside down time for blogging gets put on hold.
      Hope your doing well.


  3. Wow! I love the way you rant. Being a mom is hard, hard stuff. Keep on doing the next thing. Keep gripping onto Jesus.

    We’re neighbors at FMF. BTW, your blog addy has an error–hhtp. I had to change it.


    • Very , very late reply but thanks so much for changing my oopsie on FMF. I don’t often rant on my blog (i was raised in a family ranters and it just does not accomplish anything) but sometimes something inside of me gives way.


  4. It is scary isn’t it? So far we only have one kiddo, a sweet little boy, and I pray that I am a good mother to him and teach him how to truly respect girls and well… everyone, including himself. It really is hard in this world we live in… all the influences that will surround him as he grows. And I’m sure raising girls is even scarier. I feel for you, but with a mother like you they will have the best chance! We just have to keep our focus and Christ and he will lead us. I’ll pray for you and your girls!



  5. Leah, thank you for preaching it! We must be brave to help our girls be brave. I love what you say about our world and what we are then called to do. This line, especially, will be sticking with me: “the world hurries them, hurries them, to the next something they have to do or need to go…i need to sit, look them in the eye, until they have had their say, and so have i.”
    Walking with you sister. God’s got his love all wrapped round these girls. And thank you for the encouragement to watch that video. Amazing, and I’m showing my 11-year-old. Sending love.


    • thanks so much Ashley. I often don’t rant or “preach it” but several things had happened that week, and something in me just broke.


  6. Heartily sick of society telling us how to live in general, being told what days to appreciate those in our lives, etc. Sometimes a good honest rant against conformity is the way to go. In the world but not of the world. Prayers for your family, Leah. Hope the job is going well.


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