five minute friday: JUMP


Ever notice little kids are always jumping?

The babe is forever hopping.

Hopping: feet together, knees bent close , springing around the house.

And running.

Kids don’t walk they run.  Hands never politely tucked at sides bent at a 45 degree angle like athletic adults, but wild and swinging.

When does that stop?

When awareness of self sets in.

When the question skids in our head, “how do I appear to others right now”

The mountains skipped like rams, and the little hills like lambs.

The psalmist asked why?

At the presence of the Lord.

Getting a hold of how Big God is, shrinks self.

And then if we look like fools who never grew up, impetuous, and unwise?

We can shrug, maybe still feeling a little self conscious, the night hours find us still occasionally plagued with doubt, but we jump on through anyhow.


Linking up again with Lisa Jo Baker this sunny and gloriously warm Friday morning for another writing prompt with about 200 other talented, unleashed women writers (and a few men).  I highly recommend reading her {the host of this thing} contribution today.  Excellent.



4 thoughts on “five minute friday: JUMP

  1. Your littlest girl sounds so sweet and cute. I could see her hopping and swinging her arms so gleefully. I love how you said “Getting a hold of how big God is, shrinks self.” I know that I lose the bounce in my walk when my eyes are on circumstances or like you said, myself. And you’re right, when my heart and mind are set to God, He overwhelms all else. Beautiful thoughts! Hope you had a good Saturday, Leah! 🙂


  2. So poignant… I often watch my daughter in loving envy of that missing inhibition. If only we could see ourselves as God must and jump freely in His presence. Beautiful reminder!!


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