can duct tape make you healthier and save you money?

this is floral printed duct tape: crafty sensation of the American 'tweener girl world

this is floral printed duct tape: crafty sensation of the American ‘tweener girl world


So, it was one of those Sundays.

Feeling rather lazy.

The sun came out in full force and the kids kept playing so I kept  reading on the porch.

The big girl made yellow cake with extra dark chocolate frosting, per my request.

I ended up eating said requested cake…two generous slices to be exact, making sure to lick the knife as I scooped up extra decadent globs of frosting each time.

Plus wine.

Yep, that was my dinner.

Needless to say I felt disgusting that night and the next morning.

The next morning happened to be our big two week grocery day.  As often is the case of  yo-yo-ing female moods and eating habits I filled my shiny grocery cart with a rainbow of fresh produce. A sort of penance for the day’s before debauchery.  Let me just say our local supermarket, Wegmans, is awesome, and is as close as I am ever going to get to enjoying the pleasure of fresh garden market shopping.  The produce section is huge.  Arranged seductively is contrasting colors and shapes of jewel- colored roughage.  Feeling unattractive and bloated and looking at all that produce I simply went nuts.

“we are going to start eating more vegetables”!

“fruits and veggies with every meal”!

“we are cutting back on the junk”!

was the mantra repeating in my head as I kept weighing up and bagging up all those:

peppers, mushrooms, asparagus, scallions, broccoli, radishes, spinach, romaine hearts, squashes, onions, garlic, shallots, green beans,tomatoes, cilantro, tomatillos, raw ginger, apples, lemons, limes, blueberries, bananas, and those trusty carrots.

{with the money I was paying filling up a quarter of my grocery cart I knew I had no choice but to cut out elsewhere}

Speaking of doling out the cash- Has anyone else noticed the price of organic produce seems to be more affordable?

I have two theories:

a)somebodies lying, and its not really organic


b) the inflation for everything else is getting so high that those luxury items now seem affordableI hope it is the latter and not the former, but both are depressing.

Anyway, as I loading up, feeling smug and proud at how healthy I was being, how healthy my family will be, the nagging thought or rather nagging vision kept raining on my parade.

That vision was our very small refrigerator.  Well the fringe is not so small, it is that we simply need so much food, and I like using fresh stuff. And the one we have was free.

Another vision that kept popping up as I tried to decide which type of mushrooms I should purchase was half of my carefully selected produce wilting and going slimy,  strangled in its plastic produce bag that would be its doom. This happens because I am forced to jam a dozen produce bags into the tiny 0pen area on the bottom shelf of our fridge.  A shelf  you have to bend over, head nearly to your knees to look at properly. Without fail several bags of produce get mushy and sometimes rancid, lost in the tangled ball of food and bags.  The sinking  reality was seeping into me that if I did not want to waste a ton of money, waste food, and truly wanted to use fresh vegetables and fruits at nearly all meals to benefit my family, I was NOT going to spend the first 70 degree day of the year reading on the deck, but cleaning out and reorganizing my refrigerator instead.

Two hours later I was home.  Yep I said two.  I threw the dry goods and freezer food into the cabinets and freezer, made lunch for us and dove into a task I really did not want to do, but knew I must.

This is what I came up with:


I knew the first thing I would have to do was make the entire bottom of my fridge a big open space.

It meant moving the 2nd tier up a little higher, and removing the “meat” drawer.  We don’t eat that much deli meats, or bacon anymore, which is all that went in there.

I borrowed the idea that produce markets and stands use: individuals bins arranged in a pretty spread.

I made use of some dollar plastic storage bins, re-used spinach clam containers, of course the spare tupper-ware container with the missing lid, and an old shallow enamel bowl.

Call me a nerd, but it just looked jumbled, mismatched and ugly. And I did not like it.  If I going to be stuck inside doing one of the worse housewife jobs, I was getting a pretty and satisfying dividend.

Then I had an idea.

I lined the ugly plastic dollar bins with this paper-like woven fabric that I think was used for lining a purse once upon a time; honestly I don’t know what it is, but I could tell I could wipe it off easily. I simply cut and pinned it.  I use safety pins for everything.

I quickly realized, um duh! With food inside you can’t see the pretty lining, and will still be stuck looking at ugly mismatched plastic.

This is where floral duct tape comes in.  I buy roughly one of these guys a week.  Sometimes more.  All four of the girls love them.  It’s a rare find indeed finding something cheap and simple and creative that will entertain  and make happy four girls from ages 4 to 11. I had just picked up a really pretty floral printed one that day at the supermarket.  A brand new print…exciting stuff!

I just wrapped the crap out of all my eclectic containers.  Which was surprisingly difficult.



Then I somehow got it to all fit in the bottom of my shelf.

I love it!


It’s like the world’s tiniest produce market waiting for me to peruse through everyday; in really bad lighting.

Its only been two days, but I have to say, we have never eaten so much fresh veggies.  The fruit always gets consumed like we are breeding fruit bats around here.

It truly makes a huge difference to have your choices prettily show cased inside of jammed in and over-flowing.

Which is coincidentally why I shop at target and not wal-mart.

So to answer my own question, YES.  Duct tape can save you money and make you healthier.

I apologize for using 1069 words to answer that.



Here is the cake she made.

It was worth it.


Post Cheers.


3 thoughts on “can duct tape make you healthier and save you money?

  1. Great idea, and very cute!! We’ve been talking about eating healthier. We always go through spurts. But I believe you when you say that the pretty and open display encourages healthier eating. It’s funny how much our eyes influence our appetites. Anyway, I may need to adopt this idea for myself, but I must be honest…I don’t want to do the work! But maybe eventually! 🙂 ❤


  2. Haha too funny Leah, great idea.Wonder if we have that pretty duct tape. It takes me cutting and arranging everything in see-through plastic containers so everyone will help themselves. Am guilty of the mushy bag of mushrooms in the bottom drawer, only three of us like them if they aren’t hidden. Big girl’s cake look so yum with the little pink bits.


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