five minute friday: HERE



I keep using the phrase ” the tent stakes are getting pulled up” to try to attempt my feelings about leaving everything we have ever known.

Here is everything I ever need.

Here are voices incessant and high and silly and loud.

Here is where he returns every night.

Here we get into each others way as we dance around a few narrow counters preparing food for six people.

Here we make coffee for each other every pre-daughter morning.

Here we pour home made wine and home brew beer into salvation army glasses every evening trying to keep a running thread of conversation along with four daughters who also have important things to say, making forever memories, unaware.

Here I soothe tears, give advice about mean friends, boys, their changing body, and recall funny sitcoms.

Here I chide, remind, punish, fight, sin, feel guilty, and ask for forgiveness.

Here we pray and give thanks and intercede and repent some more.

Here The Word is read and does its unseen microscopic work on my mind and heart.

Here can be anywhere as longs as we are “here” together.


Linking up with Lisa Jo Baker’s five minute friday once again, when I should be making breakfast so she doesn’t miss the bus !


2 thoughts on “five minute friday: HERE

  1. I love the present tense of “here”, because life is always in present tense. Thanks for bringing that in perspective with your post. Always beautifully written! I read your last post yesterday, and will compile my thoughts on this one, if that’s okay!? I love poetic prose. I’d love to be good at writing poetic prose! But I don’t think that beautifully. My mind is more black and white, but I’m growing. Making an effort, because I think that’s what makes great writing. Anyway, I sincerely mean that you’re good at it. I like the words you use. I get stuck in the same vocabulary, a lot. Reading always helps me dig up new ways of saying things…but I just don’t have the time to read like I used to. I try, anyway. Okay, thanks Leah. Have a great Friday night! πŸ™‚


  2. “here can be anywhere” YES! I feel the same way. although I sometimes need to be reminded;)
    beautiful write, Leah–and my goodness, I don’t know how I missed you switching to WordPress! How far behind am I??? It’s beautiful πŸ˜‰


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