Poetry & A Poetic Life


I realized I am in fact a tad strange, a wee different, a trifle perculiar

when I get totally excited at  the delivery of a used ragged children’s picture book of poetry.

I am much more excited to read it to my girls, than they are to hear it.

Here is the book I found on Amazon, used of course, for $5 (plus $3.99 shipping) which is much more than I would usually pay for a single book for the kids.  I made the exception because I found out the author Alene Dalton, was apparently friends with with Jackie O. Kennedy, and her books are starting to be collectors.

the first page reads: Pink is a watermelon/ The part with the seeds...i love that

the first page reads: Pink is a watermelon/ The part with the seeds…i love that


Her first book I stumbled upon at a yearly book sale I drive 45 minutes to each year.

I go the last couple days when books are priced at nickles, dimes, and quarters.

The big names, the trendy authors, the NYtimes best-sellers are all gone of course- but I can get those at the library.

I love to pick my way through all the tattered, abused, loved-up, slightly stained books.

The ones most people don’t buy.

Illustrations  from the 1950s to 1970s era especially are my favorite. I love the water colors and sketches that were popular for that time in children’s books.

That is where I picked up:  Yellow is a Duck for ten cents.

I was made happy to flip through the pretty watercolors and sketches depicting a child’s life and moods set to simply rhyming verse.

I myself don’t often read poetry, but I have always wanted to read more.

I have bought numerous volumes  { at the same books sale for pocket change} and dutifully leave it on my bed stand.

“I will just read a couple poems each night” I tell self.

But after the first night, maybe two, I stop.

I just love my novels, love my memoirs, love my spiritual discipline books too much, and have such a small slot of not- completely- exhausted- time allotted to me each day.

But I have written in the past I know, maybe last summer? about how my selection of novels and memoirs that I find myself drawn to are written in a more poetic fashion.

Several books I really enjoyed were the authors first novels, but had been previously published poets.

Here are my goodreads reviews if interested:

The Seamstress by Frances de Pontes Peebles

The Summer of Ordinary Ways by Nicole Lea Helget

Enemy Women by Paulette Jiles

The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver

Girl With A Pearl Erring by Tracy Chevalier

Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey

Of course Ann Voskamp with her One Thousand Gifts, that I talk and write about so much I know its getting irritating, is written in what can only be called: spiritual memoir prose

{ note: this is not a real genre…i just made it up}.

So now that I threw up all blatherings about my own books I wanted to know if any book lovers out there who are also poetry lovers can suggest poetry or prose like books {is that even a thing?} for kids, all ages, and/ or for myself?

I just have to add that even my own writing here has of course changed and has {hopefully} improved in a way that instead of me simply posting what I call: really long facebook updates, I wait till an idea or event, or conviction gets a hold of me, and then let it ruminate in my mind for a day or so {depending on children, laundry, and germs} to then spit out-

an almost softened version of all those thousands of words, battling convictions, or interesting by the ways.

There is a quote about humor I love that goes:

“Humour is a form of modesty, a way of not describing things, of touching on them delicately, with a wink.

Humour is both mask and discretion, a shelter where one can hide.

~Robert Doisneau

I think that just has to be the best description of writing ones ideas and convictions in a softer poetic fashion- instead of full- out assault or rambling updating- that I can think of.

By the way, I am not criticizing anyone, but thinking of my own past writings and conversations, with a wince.

Scripture is full of poetry.  The Psalms being the most well known and loved, because of its universal themes and beautifully crafted appeal.

Jesus taught in parables which I think have a type of poetic feel; a “touching on things delicately”.

I spent nearly the entire last Summer slowly reading the Book of Isaiah. I loved it so much for the vivid imagery, even on ideas that seemed abstract and even though Isaiah sometimes was describing military and political events that took place thousands of years ago in the middle east!

I have said to young mothers, over and over again, that one of the hardest thing about trying to raise a family today is simply: INFORMATION OVER LOAD.

As soon as you say to yourself or God help you! out loud to another mother:

“hey that sounds right, that sounds like good accurate information I can use to help and nourish my family”

look out, because someone will have an article they just read {or more accurately a blurb they read from another overly-informed friend’s facebook update feed} why that method, or idea, or information is crap!

My friends just starting families are nervous as cats in a room full of toddlers about “doing the right method”.

Now anyone who knows me or this blog at all knows I believe in absolute truth and right and wrong in many areas.

But when it comes to life choices for your family, your own personal well being and joy it would so better serve women if we had a more thoughtful, softened, modest way of expression of communicating not ” what you need to do” but our own personal testimony.

A testimony of what has brought you-

life and joy and peace in your own day to day life.

The truly sad problem is not many cannot rightly say they have a life that has joy and peace, and so the relying on “expect opinions” and “case studies proving”  via the internet continues.

And if people think you are strange, or out of touch, or just plain weird?

So what.

Remember all the “popular girls everyone liked in high school” are now fat and divorced!

{My apologies to any ex-popular girls reading this…please don’t start cyber bullying me with porn spam}!

Like I wrote at the top being  “a tad different, a wee strange, and a trifle peculiar” may not leave you being happily in the majority,

but it may leave you a majority of the time happy!



One thought on “Poetry & A Poetic Life

  1. “a tad different, a wee strange, and a trifle peculirar” — made me smile mightily. I would actually refer to that as being extremely extraordinary. I love to hear (read?) your thoughts! And let me say that being happy the majority of the time and recognizing that happiness in one’s life is God’s gift of “eyes to see”. Your post has blessed me once again.


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