five minute friday: AFTER

…”and they all lived happily ever after”Copy of DSC00550

that’s what we what…all of us

it doesn’t matter how many disney movies you grew up watching

or romance novels you snuck and curled up in a chair with

or pop love songs you can a decade later sing by heart as soon as you hear the melody on your car radio

Happily Ever After

after what?

after you got what you wanted

what you wrestled, cajoled, angled, seduced, or  prayed for

but it is evitable

once you have it

it does not fill up and expand all those nooks and cracks

but that’s the point

life is in the wrestling, cajoling, angling, seducing, praying

life is meant to be pursued

and then the  slow realization begins to dawn like a thick fog burned away by a glorious sunshine:

pursue the good, the pleasure, the needs of others

and your own Happily Ever After cup begins to slop over and dribble down & when it gets down the dregs time and time again know it will get filled up again

because after all  the permanent state of Happily Ever After is only found in Heaven


Glad to be linking up with Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday again after a couple of busy-no-time-for-blogging-link-up- Fridays.



9 thoughts on “five minute friday: AFTER

  1. “life is meant to be pursued” so true! I love how you used this prompt to refresh our perspective. Happy Ever After is not something we just sit back and receive. Foretastes of it come to those willing to serve…


  2. What a good exhortation, Leah! It’s easy to forget that even in marriage, there’s work to be done to keep that romance alive. All of life to be lived in hot pursuit. And “when it gets down to the dregs time and time again know it will get filled up again.” Yes, a good word for me. To keep it up, and God will fill it up.


  3. Ok, first of all… who are those supermodels in the photo? Is that you and your hubby? You are gorgeous!! And smart! And inspiring! And you left kind words to sooth my guilt on my blog MANY months ago that were very needed (when I was overwhelmed with life and just couldn’t keep up my blog… in fact I entirely avoided Blogland altogether). Thank you!! I’m so sorry to just barely be saying thanks. I did stop by (your old blog) several times to say thanks and see what you were up too, but I don’t know what happened. Well actually, what tends to happen is I start reading a post, then jump to another one, then follow a link elsewhere and then I forgot what I was doing in the 1st place! Happens more often than I’d care to admit! lol!
    Anyway… I love this post. How true it is, and how I needed to read this at this time. I love the way you write, and how you let the truth spill out onto the page. I’m really glad I stopped by.

    Thank you for being you!


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