so i didn’t blog anything over Easter…


I had lovely photos a plenty sitting prettily in my computer’s hard drive



Our yearly Easter Tree~

decorated with sparkly spiral eggs, dried daffodil flower heads and vintage fabric


Daughter prepared decorated sugar cookies


Our annual family Easter sign and greeting taken on our warm sunny Saturday before Easter



I just didn’t have time/ gumption/simply desire to communicate a thing.

Why is the proverbial  ! (@*$&  always hitting the proverbial fan over the holidays?

I love, love Easter.

I had a wonderful Good Friday with teaching and ministry in the morning, with a simple reverent service in the evening, and out till nearly 2am with girl friends into Saturday morning!

And yet  Sunday morning had me waking with such a heavy, vague, persistent feeling of sadness.

My mind does the check list of possible reasons and indicators of why I am depressed.

A decade of  diagnosis at the very least gives you, if not clarity, then awareness of the all the possible suspects that trip the wire in your head.

None of them fit.

This tiny space of mine  on the world wide web is not intended to air my angst against anybody or any group.

And so I will say that sometimes when we are going through sad circumstances, circumstances that require righteous anger, we as co-labors with Christ, can step into His very grief, when we have stepped into will.

That is what I was feeling Sunday morning.

Now it is Tuesday morning.

A few days perspective to step away often will give room not only for your own emotions to disentangle but The Holy Spirit to sweep and give clarity to the bigger picture.

There is always a bigger picture.  And Christ, who has already bore the weight of the world, has been all over the big picture.

Mr.MS going back to work signals the return to good old routines.

I thrive on routine.

I also didn’t practice any Eucharisteo, my listing of gratitudes over this long weekend.

I don’t often share my listings but sometimes feel compelled.

It always, always, illuminates what is so good, so blessed, so grin- worthy and happy in my little ole’ life.

This morning’s list: completely unabridged.


#737 little girls listing with wide eyes as I explain the gospel of Christ on Good Friday morning

#738 the cross that He bore

#739 the cross I bare that He still shoulders for me

#740 Excited daughters playing board games in their bedroom late into the night

#741 candy hunts at  6am

# 742 returning to a warm bed till 10am

#743 closing Applebees with two girl friends as we share our same heart beat

#744 being part of the body this Holy Weekend: it lets me know it is not me against the world

#745 Tim’s listening ear, his heart open heart, and true words on a heavy Easter afternoon

#746 A Saturday warm and sunny spent with all six of us working outside-anticipating summer

#747 Wine, chocolate, and Downton Abby marathon (sometimes escape is OK and needed)

#748 Tim, without complaint, taking care of daughters and house, so I could escape

So very much to be thankful for as I look back on a difficult Easter weekend

My cup over floweth


2 thoughts on “so i didn’t blog anything over Easter…

  1. Love your list ,Leah, thank goodness He has us equally yolked to our husbands. Have been feeling unusually melancholy and fed up lately, less tolerant of all the wordly crap at this time, sad to think of Jesus suffering inocently for all of us. Happy for His plan. Gotta love routine!


  2. Hi Leah, I totally get this! “we as co-labors with Christ, can step into His very grief, when we have stepped into will.” And then, the counting of gifts. The couple days of gaining perspective “for your own emotions to disentangle.” So many good, wise thoughts here. I’ve been practicing my Eucharisteo, lately, too. It’s amazing how much it switches the focus of my heart and emotions. So glad you got that night out with the girls. What a blessing! And I’m not a wine drinker, but the chocolate and Downton Abbey, umm, yes! It’s good to escape sometimes!!


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