when it lines all up { a post about Spring}


The calender says Vernal Equinox.

I greet the daughters with “Happy First Day of Spring”!

My 6th grade science teacher instructed that today:

marks the day where the time of day and the time of dark are exactly equal and starting today the days get longer and longer as Earth draws nearer to the sun

{remember the egg balancing trick in class?}

Yet for upstate New Yorkers when it comes to March 20th, you can just bet on it, that it’s going to be cold, over cast, strong chance of snow:   The weather channel and the calender are long time squabblers.


As if on cue the atmospheric pressure above our roof top and the aligning of our planet above our galaxy decided to play nice.

Sun is everywhere.

Skies shrouded in a dowdy old lumpy wrap have decided to go bare shouldered like a girl at the beach.

It’s still cold.

But it’s this juxtaposition that makes Spring so hopeful and invigorating:

It’s daffodils on the ground & snow on roofs




Its tulips on the sill & soot on the hearth




It’s little girls in mango-color flowered dresses & winter boots




It cannot be historical chance that Passover and Resurrection Sunday coincide with the season of Spring.

 old things are passed away behold, all things are become new { the epistle of first Corinthians, chapter 6}

The sweeping wind that blows fresher, purer, somehow in Spring bares a resemblance of the Spirit of Christ. 

He came not to condemn the world but to save it { the gospel of John chapter 3}

Those lethargic doldrums that even have my steady buoyant Mr.MS bound in glum; that even capsules of Vitamin  D3 and milligrams of Lexipro cannot hold out forever against, gets swept aside like a wide slow deliberate stroke of an unseen stronger arm.

Since February 1st I have been participating in Ann Voskamp’s Roman’s Project.  My personal goal is to, before the rush of holidays come, to have Romans chapter eight memorized in its entirety. 

I’ve nailed down the first 10 verses.

{i have not memorized anything since high school, and much like the rest of my body, my memory is not as fit and polished or anything to take pride it!}

Mediating slow, over and over again, writing them out, practicing, the same lesson keeps repeating:

the struggle of the old nature

the pull of the flesh

the sin that spreads and hardens and kills where once life thrived

the spiritual always trying to duke it out with the un-spiritual

what our eyes see as opposed to what our heart chooses to believe

the whispers of lies as opposed to the urging of deep seeded truth

Christ coming, dying, rising, depositing His Spirit is perpetual Spring for any believer.


It is not found in any formalized religion, moral mandates, or positive thinking.

It is what I chase after every day, like a bee to the first open flower.

It is what I fix my gaze upon, like the sure arrow of geese returning from the South.

Here is a photographic sample of a simple poem written by Cicley Mary Barker; turn of the century illustrator and poet of the beloved Flower Fairies. I cut it out line by line and made it into a mixed media wall hanging that I yep, you guessed it, bring out every Spring:





I know that “old man winter” is always lurking beneath the cleaned-up, dolled-up me.

And that the seasons of my life: joy, grief, questions, illumination are as necessary to me as to the garden outside my door.

But the staying power, the triumphant of Spring, personified in the very person of Christ breathes that healing power over and over again.

And I don’t even have to count down on the calendar for it, or watch the weather channel.




3 thoughts on “when it lines all up { a post about Spring}

  1. Hi Leah, this is such a beautiful, meditative post. I’ve read it several times, letting the words and pictures sink in. You’re a beautiful writer! And I love how you play with light and shadows in your photography. Actually, sometimes you remind me of Ann Voskamp. Deep thoughts from the soul, beautifully described.

    I tried memorizing Romans 8 years ago. I think I got about 15 verses in. I felt like it was the hardest chapter to remember, because I realized how much I didn’t really understand it. It starts out really packed. Anyway, I’ve always thought I need to go back and try memorizing it again. Even considered it when I saw Ann’s Romans Road project. I’m glad you’re doing, and might’ve just been inspired to join in.

    Thanks for your friendship, Leah. It mean a lot to me. ❤


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