five minute friday:home


Its five minute time again.

This is my first post on my new blog platform: wordpress.

Being in between blogs as I struggled to wrap my mind and computer around import/export commands, files, and downloads,

it struck me how badly I need to write.  Connecting with keystrokes or pen strokes is a much need release valve in my brain, which is never still.

This 5 minutes writing prompt is a perfect way to get those creative juices, long damned up by technical jargon, trickling out again.

Here we go:


Home for me is an invisible extension of self.

Home is where primitive universal needs are met.

Where comforts are found.

Where it is real, and real is fluid: never the same day to day, hour to hour.

Home is where the Holy Spirit wants to lodge along side us.

As the woman of the house, I am the gatekeeper that welcomes Him, or drives Him away.


Using your manners {please & thank you}

Stopping to Look

Putting what is in your hands down to make eye contact and listen

I experienced home last night as four girls- all shimmering shades of blond, all with legs longer than I remembered-

sprawled out on our king sized bed and listened to me read the  post-houmous published Dr. Seuss book: My Many Colored Days

It took 2 minutes to read

We discussed “what color I think I am” for 15

That is home.



2 thoughts on “five minute friday:home

  1. I like your interpretation of home…everything you’ve mentioned, so important to me as well. And I love that you take the time to discuss what you read with your girls. Hearts connecting, memories in the making. Love your new blog, Leah!! Cozy and sophisticated! Talk to you soon!:)


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