“SO…maybe…possibly…i compared windows 8 to the anti-Christ”


It was however via a text to Mr.MS and not, say, in the aisles of Best Buy.

The last two weeks have been filled with sickness of many shapes, forms, and sleep depriving sizes.  A rotating assault of germs and bacteria.  I am usually the one who feels it coming on one day, spends a day on the couch sucking down tea and Vitamin C and dayquil the next day, and then the following day, get on with my life.  Not so, for much of the month of February.

February: my witching month every year.  Every year I say to self-         " don't plan anything in February, you're just gonna be sick" 

Then every January when post- Christmas winter boredom sets in I ignore self and plan stuff. 

Right smack in the middle of sickness our tax return came back {yay}

And our seven-year old computer starting dying {boo}

We purchased a new Dell, a new monitor, that came with a new operating system:

Windows 8

That's when the Biblical references of woe and vengeance started to spit out of my clenched teeth. With all the sickness Mr.MS just threw the new clean shiny PC up and slowly put old stuff back into new stuff over the course of a few days.  I never had the time, energy, or non-fuzzy thinking capacity to get a real crash course on how "wonderful" and "intuitive" Windows 8 is.

Then I started to feel better.

Life starting to get back to normal, though I still had a big girl home sick and still not feeling the greatest, I simply could not lay down on the couch for another day.

Time to sit infront of that big bright shiny new monitor and speedy quick computer!  Anyone who has Windows 8 knows it has all those tiles.(stupid tiles)  I am told it works much like " a smart phone".

Which is grand unless you are among the few who think not paying a high monthly bill to have the internet in our pocket is"smart" and still have a tracphone.

Very outdated am I.


It was just a perfect storm of anger really:

Prolonged sickness and technology I can't figure out.

Throwing fuel to the flames…

Mr.MS set all the passwords and made them slightly different from the old ones by accident…oh the swearing.

I cannot stand being sick, get livid when I cannot figure out to make my computer do what I want it too, and start to foam at the mouth when my password gets changed.

But, I think we kicked the sickies to the curb, and I am blogging from the mac laptop (hence the stolen images from google).

I even went ahead and cancelled an already once re-scheduled get together with my husband's sisters and their husbands because I am just too tired.

The house is scary gross.

The laundry is scary Mt. Everest in size.

Our tax return still sits…oh so tantalizing in our joint checking account, and is bleeding out, the way a mad cash influx tends to do, because we have not had the time to sit and dole out the money to all those fun things like taxes and credit cards.

I decided to just have a great day with The Babe today.

She woke up and I swooped her up, still rubbing  her scrunched up face surrounded by crazy snarly hair, and declared:

"I miss you!  We are going to story time at the library and Wegmans Cafe today" (that being our local grocery store's cafe/restaurant/bakery, which we love).

I even have a yoga class tonight.

I even have a lunch date tomorrow with my MIL.

I even have a girl-y crafty over-nite next weekend.

I even have Mr.MS picking me up from said girly time to then drive directly to a B&B somewhere in the Pennsylvania NorthEastern mountains.

(as you can see I have a real hard time indulging myself)

So evil germs and evil computers, which bring out an evil me, aside;

I think, once again, I just might survive the month of February…then again it's not over.



2 thoughts on ““SO…maybe…possibly…i compared windows 8 to the anti-Christ”

  1. You’re tough, girl. And the bravest part, the part I love most is that you looked full in the face of that nasty mess all over and decided to love on your baby instead. That is the stuff. (I hope you did knock the sickies to the curb, by the way. What a horrible season it’s been for so many.) Thanks for all your encouraging words on my blog…that means so much!


  2. Your writing is so dang funny!!! I am sorry, I know I shouldn’t laugh at all the challenges you’ve had lately (though I totally relate on the sick thing–on and off for 4 weeks with both kids, UGH), but I LOVE how you just roll with the punches girl, even in the face of mass frustration. Okay so 7 days left, you can do it, it’s almost over…


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