February update{s}


Its been awhile.

There are lots of reasons why…some good…some not so good.

The following explosion of photographs is to update you of just one of the reasons I have not been around lately:

Me and Mr.MS turned my kinda dark, cluttered sewing-room-turned- kitty -litter-box-and-dump-crap-that-doesn't-belong-anywhere-room to this:

{but first a riddle}

What's pink&black&white 

and antique shaby chic all over?



My new studio.

{That's right not called my "sewing room anymore".  I even took the bold step of taking my trusty Kenmore off the main work table; unplugging it to store on the bottom of the side table…a dramatic statement in my creative life let me tell you}.

My big old desk, an antique teacher's desk with the coolest and longest drawers I have ever seen, and that I paid not only I think close to $200 for, but an additional $100 to U-Haul it home, is presently a shiny blank canvas without my sewing machine and sewing notions hogging up desk top real estate.  Possibilities…but that's not what I am writing about today…


It all started innocently enough when I stopped by a favorite blogger mate down under called  crazy house capers  .  One of the things I love about her is that her bio line includes the statement " I am pretty sure I do not own any clothes without paint on them"  This couple who live basically on the beach! put the American television show team of "This  old house" to shame.  Her latest renovation was a salvaged floor she checkered  in an awesome beach-y blue {that's her how-to link also}.

With the NFL off the weekend before the superbowl I used my feminine powers of persuasion to talk Mr.MS into looking at her blog…with detailed how-tos…and to do the same for my a fore mentioned sewing- kitty- litter- room. 

Before I unload my photo bomb I will say that it was so enjoyable working on a house project for ourselves.  Not that phantom "buyer" we worked so hard to please last year {which apparently we did not do such a great job impressing, seeing as no one put in an offer}.

In other words, I did it exactly how I liked it.

Here we go:

Original floor…shiny but gross with yellow paint showing underneath {what possessed me to paint my floors yellow, I hate the color yellow!}



 Every good DIY project starts with an empty box of cheerios…ok that may just be "our" thing.



This part involved math and angles….and therefor was not a part of…expect to take pictures and make jokes that for some reason he didn't find in the least funny.


The next couple days we saw blue…


and more blue…


you can only keep the little people out of the room for so long…


I am unsure why I took so many pics of this stage… more than any other part.  Perhaps something to do with that Mr.MS did all of this stage also, and it fell on the very few days the sun shone this month…making for better photos.

Finally I could "paint it black" just like the only Rolling Stones songs I like to sing along to.

 Then the second coat of black… a week into this project and I am getting anxious to finish.


Then another tedious coat of touch up white…but after all this time and effort I wanted it to look good and last.


"ooooh it looks like a dance floor!"


so we danced…


even the big guy who will never, ever fast dance with me no matter how much I get him to drink at wedding receptions…


Mr. Bo Jangles was just confused.  I imagine his thinking something along the lines of:

"first they move my toilet and now they seem to be possessed by an evil spirit"  {that's a reference to white people dancing}.


After the bad dancing I got to looking at my floor and realized it looked too "diner-ish" not enough "romantic-style-ish" so…


I stenciled!

And after the stenciling was the final step for these floors I was starting to despise…clear coat varnish.  Water based and 3 coats of it.  With some typical February sickness during that duration and the big girl turning 11 and the super bowl and superbowl recuperation. 

In between all that I got my pink on…




That antique teacher's table we U-Hauled mentioned above was sadly painted a dark hunter green (not a green person) but I tolerated it for years.  But with black and white checks and a red accent wall it looked hideous!  I had the original plan of just doing the first coat pink from left over paint in the basement, and then doing a top coat of black with sanded corners to show the pink underneath.  However, I loved the pink with the mossy green coming through beneath.  Plus, this studio project was going on nearly 2 weeks and slapping on just one coat was looking real good.

The finished result…



It is so much brighter and just plain pretty.  I love the simple non cluttered feel.  We put up a new light.  A black ceiling fan, {$79 at Lowes} that was a huge improvement,and put some much needed closet shelves in.  I use TJMaxx reusable shopping bags {99 cents people!} as storage bins. The closet being the door that does not have an old quilt wedged in the frame!  Our old house is cursed with having about 3 doors per tiny room, which takes away much needed wall space. Not to mention, directly behind the quilted door is Mr. Bo Jangles new kitty litter spot!!


2 thoughts on “February update{s}

  1. This is GORGEOUS!!!! Loved the floor when I saw it, but the stencils on the floor, wow! it’s fantastic. Good / no, GREAT choices on the decor !! So —- hmmm I wonder what I can decorate around here….. You have a knack for it!


  2. Wow!!!It looks awesome!Hubby just had a look and said the stencils over the black look even better than just the black and white.I was feeling tired just remembering the stages.It does make it brighter, love the pink desk. Our cat walked along the walls for the first few days and I had to stop stepping in the squares.Had to laugh,I think it was a cheerio box I cut up too!Well done to you both. Ps we are a 15 min drive to our fav beach.


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