Bare: five minute friday



Me without make up

Me under stress

Me with contempt in my voice over selfish mothers

Me being just as selfish that same night

Imperfections, that is what bareness reveals

No more than imperfections:  rawness

Rawness like a bloody carcass dripping out red on a butcher's hook

It aint pretty

But its real

It's what lies beneath that 30 dollar steak you order at a table cloth restaurant

It's what lies beneath me under my make up under my trying harder, and working, working, working

But after I shake my head, sometimes deflated, sometimes horrified 

I breathe, I see, I acknowledge:  its all redeemable

Tried with fire

The burnt offering

The blood that atones

Because at His most bare He is good, He is beautiful,

"Taste and see that He is good" says The Book

The same lesson:

over and over and over and over

Its not about me.


Linking up with Lisa-Jo Bakers blog for another brave 5 minute friday.

Which, each and every friday has a different word prompt to delve into fingers first. 



7 thoughts on “Bare: five minute friday

  1. What a beautiful poem. You are right!!! It’s not about me. Thank you for the encouragement you left on my blog. It feels good to connect to other people who have had the same trials.


  2. Wow. How true, Leah. He at his most bare is simply beautiful. We are so afraid to be bare, and in our own stuff, it is dripping ugliness. But then we can remember that we are clothed in him and so we are made beautiful, too.


  3. Been wondering how it’s going at the House of Women. Heard you were expecting a metre and a half of snow, we just couldn’t imagine what that would be like. Do we get to see the new floor when the lighting is good? Glad you liked Pixlr-o-matic, had me confused for a minute too. Quite nifty though, no 2 son says it has more effects than instagram? Stay warm!!


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