January thaw


Last week temperatures were 25 degrees below average and we frightened to go outside.

Today the temperate is 25 degrees above average and The Babe is confused.

This is the conversation we had as walked backed from walking big sissies to school at 8:30 this morning:


" So I guess it's gonna be Spring tomorrow huh?"

"No honey, it's still January. This is just…a fluke"

"A what? Spring is definitely tomorrow"

"No, its not.  It's just…a thaw"

"A what? Yeah, can't wait for Spring tomorrow"

{Mother decided to simply play "I spy" for the last two blocks and leave the meteorological discussion for another time}.

This is what "I spied with my little eye" in the backyard while she ate breakfast:





Thaw or fluke…the windows are open today.

And it's going to snow, not be Spring tomorrow.



3 thoughts on “January thaw

  1. Ah – yes – spring around the corner – we wish! Same crazy weather here – but last night what a blowing storm! And, the day was like spring, too. Well, enjoy your I Spy game and CONGRATS on your published article. Isn’t that exciting!!! I haven’t pursued publishing like that for a few years as my projects went into overload and I didn’t have the time to hunt through the Writer’s Guide. Blogging is publishing, you know – you are published every time you post. Just – don’t get paid for it.
    Ah . . . me . . .


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