pleased as punch to be published

Pleased as punch{Well sorta}.

A  paper&ink magazine's free on-line version of their genuine magazine is still considered being "published" right? 

I saw written by: Leah Beecher flash on my screen.

{There was no bi-line…I thought I would see a bi-line? Which is just silly considering they never asked for one, and I therefore never supplied one}.

It all started back in October when I posted here at Manyslices about how "texting improved my marriage".

And I'll just come out and say it: I was damn proud with that particular post. 

I was also convinced that the lesson that The Holy Spirit illuminated to me, needs to be shared with others. 

So I set out to cross the bridge from a blog poster to free-lance writer.

It was a lot of work!

It included purchasing the book Christian Writer's Market Guide: 2012 since the topic I happened to be writing about had Biblical references and spiritual insights.

I had to read the preface twice to even understand how to use the book!

I wrote down a list of periodicals that I thought potentially would be interested in my article suggestion.

I learned and then had to re-learn exactly what a query letter was.  I then realized too late, I spelled the word "query" wrong on my first email submission {way to go}.

I got a couple: thanks but no thanks

A whole lot more: crickets.

Then "The Brink" Magazine said: maybe.

I submitted my article, after, it goes without saying, about ten re-writes so as to really get the point and expression across for a magazine article.  Followed by neurotic editing.  Mr.MS edited twice.

I emailed the submission.

An editor emailed back saying "yes" {thanks David}.

Then it got pushed back for this reason or that reason for several months.

And today I got the email: it is out in virtually print!

I found it ironic that I immediately had the option to "share" this article via social networking, and really, really wanted to, but alas could not because I have written off social networking, which is exactly the whole point of my article.

{Except for blogging of course.  Blogging, like Mel Brooks' movies, are just an exclusive category in of itself, and therefore immune.}

So here is the link {you knew it was coming} to my article found at The Brink Online about why only shallow people use facebook.

{That was a joke}

p.s. I don't know why I used about a dozen {  } in this post, it just kinda happened.



3 thoughts on “pleased as punch to be published

  1. Congratulations on the article Leah,so well written, certainly is food for thought. Sometimes I think blogging is just as bad with all the must have inclusions-twitter,facebook,pinterest etc…Everyone admires someone else’s doings these days, instead of doing something themselves.


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