Season of Slug


It happens every single January.

Right around the long Martin Luther King observation weekend.

My body starts to morph into a slug.

I love January right around the 2nd.

The all consuming machine know as "the holidays" from Thanksgiving to New Years Eve. Over. Packed up. Cleaned up. Swept up.

Then the cold sets in.

Sickness sets in.

My pajamas and fuzzy slippers become a sort of housewife uniform I adamantly adhere to.

I can't dislodge my slug body from its cocoon of flannel and quilts in the  early dark hours, all the while knowing how annoyed I will be if I stay in bed until the kids have to get up.

My single fat mug of starbucks turns into an I.V. of caffeine served from assorted bone china mugs through out the day.

Something about the blankness

of white on white



The harsh coolness of blue shadows




Makes the "newness" of the New Year as inspiring as a long yawn.

Maybe that is the problem of all that New Year's Resolutions jazz.

Different year, same you.

And so the challenge is not so much to change, to learn new things, meet new people.  That is appealing.  The challenge is consistency. If you have seen the sun rise and set for enough years, and  possess an even remote ability of observation and self-reflection you usually know what you have to do.

I don't believe I have shared here my New Year's word.  Instead of doing resolutions I have for the last few years chose a single word: its very hip right now.  And I am nothing if not hip. {see picture above}

My word is Simple

Simple. Just keep doing what you know already.

I once heard a pastor say that most of the letters in the New Testament were written words of correction.  The early church almost instantly started to drift away from the simple principles of Christ for something often more appealing, some new "secret" knowledge, or reverting back to old ways.  Another pastor quote that has long rattled around in my head is the little saying of: "the main things are the plain things & the plain things are the main things".

Meaning: common sense makes itself apparent.  Simple to grasp, to see looming up before your eyes in how we should live. But we like to part long tangles of complicated ideas and abstract ideas don't we? Ten step plans are so seductive.

Don't get me wrong.  I am not saying life is easy, a walk in the park. It is very hard, full of many  unforeseeable swift changes, heart ache, and head-scratching paradoxes.

What I am saying is that once you start that path of: " okay I want to live healthier, make my family better, have joy" ect, it's usually a consistent simple adjustment of eating, of attitudes, of biting the tongue, of remember your please and thank yous; just like you learned in kindergarten.

And so this last full week of January of cruel record lows and constant coughs in the night I find myself trying to shake off this season of slug. Relentless, as it oozes and encases over my pale dry body, and horrible limp static hair I return to the simple doings I know I should be doing:


*rise before the children

*sit quietly before The Lord making this new day: His day as The Holy Spirit directs

*one cup of coffee then switch to green tea

*take my lexipro anit-depressant {thinking about cutting the dosage in half come spring.  I know enough not to tamper with that during the cold dark days of winter}and assorted multi-vitamins every day

* drink 2 water canteens a day, plus drink a glass at dinner and half before bed {about 10 cups total for the day}

* a glass or two of wine at night {ok, ok I do that automatically and religiously already}

* pull out my yoga mat and find my power yoga dvd a couple times a week

* sit in front of what Mr.MS likes to call "that magic lil' blue happy box" better  known as a sun lamp {he still cant get behind the whole sun therapy thing} a couple times a week.

*keep up face to face contact with friends-even though the cold weather brings out the introvert with me

*have eyes to see, then take the deliberate time to capture, all that is beautiful: even during the season of slug

*keep listing

{my gratitude journal based of Ann Voskamps 1000 Gifts books I read started on February 1, 2012.  I am amazed how a near 12 months of listing thank yous for daily gifts has assisted in slaying the dragon of complaining tongue and negative self-talk}

*keep writing

* all the while keep "being there", present, smiling, listening, laughing with the girls

*ditto with the husband with extra marital bonuses


And there you have it:

the anti-slug list of plain old consistency

Tread the path again and again.


Even when you drink coffee and nibble on chocolate all day, ignore the house, ignore the kids, pretend your jeans must of shrunk in the dryer.


The same sun will come up tomorrow, though weak-rayed through cold brown fingers

And you {I} can simply put a single foot forward again.


Have to share some blog and book love.

The book When Your Body Get the Blues read several years ago really, really helped me in understanding this whole season of slug thing, that in reality is not nearly as funny as I am making it to be.  Highly recommended.

 Gypsy mama who hosts the 5 minute friday writing link up I enjoy so much, wrote just about this subject of consistency and of finishing the first January "Friday link up" of the year. I have been munching on and keep finding her written words pop up in my head since. If you would be interested in reading it {does anyone ever read other blog links in blog posts…yet we continue to link don't we?  I guess its just being polite and helpful} 


2 thoughts on “Season of Slug

  1. Hi Leah – Catching up in Blogland today – though I should b e putting a lesson together on the Underground Railroad that I have to teach next week! Guess I’m being a bit of a slug – miss my Bloggy ladies. Joy to you!


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