9 thoughts on “” I’ll follow the sun”

  1. Hello Leah girl !
    How true is this about us “northeners” .. I was just lucky enough to get some sun this week to shoot some shadows myself .. your daughter is a real cutie : )
    My cats “follow” the sun in this house !LOL


  2. Leah…her smile in the last picture is priceless!! i am taking photos of Emma Grace today…and there is no sun…hate the thoughts of flash!!! GREAT shots fellow notherner…


  3. I do love your daughters smile, Leah!! Delightful shadow shots for the day! I, tool, am glad you had some sun! We’re still waiting for the fog to go away after nearly a week!! Hope your both have a lovely weekend! Enjoy and stay warm!!


  4. The Babe is awfully cute!Shall I tell you we are basking (sweating) in 30-35c heat. Am I in trouble with Mr MS over a checkerboard floor (ha)? A craft/sewing/kitty toilet room sounds totally do-able! Penny-dog has to sleep outside because I can’t trust her toileting.


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