five minute friday: CHERISH


i  don't like touchy-feely

i like doing

i like pursuing

i like laughing

i like quiet, by myself

it is easier to observe it, think about it, and then do it

then just receive it

being cherished

being loved

being touched

just be

its not me

but it is, i know, such a gift to be able to receive it from the One who said "I AM" from those around who insist " I AM HERE"


no working toward

no seeking and peering into the "real meaning" behind the words, the acts

just open up and receive in trust

its just not me

it feels as natural as tulips in January

but it probably should be



linking up with the gypsy mama  blog for another 5 minute friday

its interesting it seems every friday morning something catches the corner of my eye that i want to snatch up and keep tight in my camera

more often than not those spied images become a type of visual culmination of what comes typing out onto my screen for five minute friday


One thought on “five minute friday: CHERISH

  1. Tulips in January- ah- not natural but still existing as your photos are proof! Thanks for coming over- I’m going to work my way around your blogland as well- it looks like we have lots in common as momma’s of young daughters. xoox please do come join us in the kitchen in FB!


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