five minute friday: DIVE




I always hesitate.

I always think:

Yeah I need this. Bring it in on!

Then I peer over and my toes start doing that nervous wriggle ball up thing.

It's the free falling and the slap and the shatter I think.

I prefer the smooth gliding of a cat who does her own thing, how she likes it, when she likes it, and if you don't like that.


And that's not bad. {right}

I just have this feeling that sometimes, sometimes maybe I should be that reckless half-crazed Labrador:

tongue out. jumping in. because it's fun. and that slap of cool different feels good.


Linking up with 5 minute to do my weekly "flash mob" of writing.

Its fun, feels go, and won't make you fat.

click here to head over to gypsymama's blog to join in and get those stagnant writing juices flowing for 2013.




3 thoughts on “five minute friday: DIVE

  1. Oh that visualization is so perfect!! What’s more fun, being calculated & graceful or just running without a care in the world. I definitely need more labrador in my life! Thanks for sharing!! (visiting from Lisa-Jo’s)


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