Witch’s fingers


The shadow of naked branches on a lumpy cover of snow

Dripping fingers in December's weak rays

Slick daggers poised in gray light

A thick pure mass of hair: matted dread-locks peeping under our house's hat

A row of fangs lining the mouth of our bay window

A two-tier drawer of knives: ready to strike

Bizarre formations: the mischievous work of winter faeries?


As the temperatures peaked to the 30s this weekend I dared venture outside.

the still blanket of snow

layer upon layer of bulbous ice formations

and all those slick tack-sharp icicles picketing our home's perimeter:

It reminded me of Narnia's Witch, who kept the whole land enslaved in forever winter:

Pretty, but with the calculated cool disdain of a witch's smile.

The last month of 2012 brought news of a close friend's young husband with cancer and me thinking that could of been Tim, with evil carrying automatic weapons in an elementary school, and me thinking that could of been my girls.

In the first wee hours of 2013 my husband's grandfather passed away.

And yet.

We are not forever enslaved in this world of evil, sickness, and death.

The witch was defeated you see.

Aslan, the King of the beasts, defeated her at her own game: by dying. {If you are unfamiliar with these books written by C.S. Lewis read my review here}

As the Pastor, my brother-in- law, expressed so simply and beautifully at today's funeral:

Death holds no power for those in Christ Jesus.

The cold, cold fingers may circle, may squeeze, but they can never cut us off from the true life source as we gulp for air.

Spring always comes.

For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from:  the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.  {Romans 8:38&39}

Linking up today with the internationally talented photography geeks at http://shadowshotsunday2.blogspot.com/

Join in or just look at the pretty shadows with pretty words.


5 thoughts on “Witch’s fingers

  1. Those are amazing icicles and the sequence of shots was perfect along with the narration .. life can be so sad at times that we forget it will move on and get better .. it goes through so many cycles sometimes it is hard to keep up with them.
    Joy : )


  2. Beautiful snowy pics,Leah. My Canadian cousin scared me at the age of eight telling me icicles can fall on people and kill them. They look freaky and beautiful at the same time. Sad to heard of your loss. Sad for those left behind,waiting, yet happy for their eternity with Jesus.


  3. Such delight in you witches fingers; I had never heard, thought of them as that but an accurate description indeed!
    I love the segway made into Narnia; moreover, the truth revealed. Light comes. The witches fingers melt into the no-thingness that they are. There is but God. The Infinite. And yes, I delight in this, too.


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